GSUS LIVE - one down, five to go!

GL TGSGSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 has just completed its first week of action at The Grays School media Arts College.

Team leader Maria Levy has been bowled over by the school's hopsitality and response to the RS resource. In her own words:

The Grays School; what a revelation! - 5 Days, 440 students, 20 teachers/LSAs, 50 bacon butties, 20 school dinners, Jesus and 12 amazing disciples!
Such an amazing atmosphere in the class and despite a few technical glitches, every student had an opportunity to explore real issues of life; rejection, fear and forgiveness through the eyes of Jesus and I believe that they all left the class enlivened to how Christians deal with such everyday things.
We also celebrate the fact that divine connections have been made with the School and Grays Methodist and Grays Baptist Churches; the doors are open for the King of Glory to come in! (Psalm 24).
Every student was impeccably behaved, a credit to the school.  We thank Head Teacher John Marchant and Deputy Head Teacher Sherryl Bareham for their welcome and hospitality - you have an amazing school that will become a Beacon amongst Thurrock Schools.

We'd also like to thank Jacquie Culloty for overseeing the timetable and Facilities Manager Jon Paisley and his staff for keeping an eye on the unit.

The GSUS LIVE team for Grays School were:
Rosemary Pritchard, Colin Baker, Hugh, David Bates, Emily Levy, Andy Higgs, Steve Morris, Gbenga Bamidele, Kirstie Diver, team leader Maria Levy, pictured above right with the senior member of the team, 82-year-old Jim Clark. Thank you all of you! Tim Harrold, Core Team

Now, a week to reflect and review, and then onto Hassenbrook!

The GSUS LIVE Timetable
GL Timetable 2012

Maria Levy, 15/09/2012

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