The Thames Gateway Prayernet are holding their fourth prayer day of 2009 at each end of the QE2 Bridge at 10.30am on Saturday 5 September.

QE2 GraffitiIntercessors from Kent and Essex will be gathering to pray under the bridge at both sides of the Thames. They’ll be establishing contact with each other via mobile phone and flags and praying through various themes and declarations at this important and highly symbolic gateway.

QE2 Low tide EastThe north bank intercessors are meeting at old St Clement’s Church (by Proctor & Gamble in Hedley Avenue, West Thurrock) at 9.30am and then walking to the bridge. If you’re coming, please come prepared for a long walk and bring your own refreshments if you think you’ll require them.

QE2 SunsetEach of these Thames Gateway Prayer Days have been tremendously prophetic significant, as well as a lot of fun, with a real sense of camaraderie.

For more info please contact Tim Harrold on 07929 878 089 and

The Thames Gateway Prayernet are also organising a day of prayer on the Princess Pocahontas on Saturday 19 September. To book, please contact Ros Pople on 01634 221204 or Edward Wright on 01634 220220, or go to PayPal and register using