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“Combining CAP’s expertise with the love and message of God through his church is a life-transforming mix.”

Hi all!

The subject line says it all really! Please send a couple of representatives of your church to see what is happening here!

Thurrock Christian Fellowship, in partnership with Gates of Praise and Sockets Heath Baptist Church (with a few others considering) are opening a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Help Centre.

The Thurrock CAP Launch Event is at the All Saints Centre (TCF) in John Street, Grays, on 5 July 2015 10am-12noon.

On the Day: As well as worship and communion together, the national CAP Speaker Team will make a presentation and there will be an opportunity for local and visiting church members to pray for the work.

Church members will also be told of the opportunity to take part in one of the client support teams, and some fundraising will take place in a respectful and non-obligatory style.

Hot and cold drinks will be served afterwards and you will have opportunity to ‘network’ and chat with members of the participating churches from your area as well as with myself, the CAP speaker team and local church leaders.

Local Councillors are also being invited – perhaps you could encourage yours to come with you!

What does a CAP Debt Centre do?

CAP’s service literally saves lives. It…

  • keeps families together
  • relieves stress
  • restores health
  • keeps families in their homes
  • provides friendship

… and can connect people to church and to the God that loves them.

When financial trouble hits, it’s easy to feel alone and like no one can help, however Christians Against Poverty (CAP) really can help, are recommended by nationally-recognised figures such as Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert), and is already helping hundreds of people who call up every week.

Every year CAP help over 27,000 people to get out of debt and see 700 people become Christians through our Debt Help work as well as 10,000 people benefiting from the CAP Money Course.

Combining CAP’s expertise with the love and message of God through his church is a life transforming mix.

Through our Debt Help Centre we will be able to visit people in their own homes, pray for them, help them practically and pastorally and connect them with a community of believers who will show them the love of God. Meanwhile, the financial experts at CAP head office come up with a way forward for them, negotiate with their creditors and supports them right up until they are debt free. The whole service is free of charge and available to anyone regardless of age, faith, gender or background.

If you want to find out more, you can see or give me a call on 07505 104820 or email

May the Lord Bless you all and give you peace!

I would love to see all the churches of the area represented.

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Centre Manager – Thurrock
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