On Sunday 1 August, Tim & Vera Harrold attended the launch of Global Day of Prayer London’s 500 Days of Prayer. This was held at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Westminster, and was part of another event called Celebrate the Nations.

DSC00524The venue was almost full and consisted of many believers from the Spanish, Philipino and South Korean communities in London. The event was led by a team from Wales who are holding times of worship around the four nations of the United Kingdom to re-release the blessing of the 1904 Welsh Revival – which was ‘exported’ to Pyongyang (now the capital of the oppressive North Korea) when thousands received Christ.

One lady spoke of a picture she’d had of an emerald river. People were trying to touch it, but they couldn’t, because there was some sort of force field over it. But she was reminded of the scripture from Numbers 21:16 – “Gather the people together and I will give them water.”

She said, “We can’t break into God, but God breaks out when we join in worship in unity together.”

This has been the motivating idea behind Celebrate the Nations – to draw people together to simply worship. (It’s being noted that all over the UK, people are gathering to worship in song together – and because there is no agenda except to meet with God, then God is revealing himself in communities in unexpected ways and blessings.)

DSC00525Jonathan Oloyede of GDOP London launched the 500 Days of Prayer which began on that day and will continue until 31 December 2011.

Jonathan outlined how groups and churches can get involved. They are asked to pick one day of each month to cover in 24 hour prayer, with people taking one hour each to pray for the UK and for London.

GDOP London has asked if any of Thurrock’s churches is willing to get involved in this. Transformation Thurrock is unaware that anyone has responded since the previous article on this subject.

What is Thurrock’s part in the 500 Days of Prayer to be?

Will your church take up the challenge?

For more details and to apply please see www.gdoplondon.com or contact Tim Harrold on tim@transformationthurrock.co.uk and he will pass on your details to GDOP.

There will be a National Prayer Event at Wembley Stadium probably on Sunday 25 September 2011. Watch out for details.