53 from Thurrock go to Wembley

Last Saturday’s National Day of Prayer and Worship (29 September 2012) was attended by 32,649 Christians from across all denominations, church backgrounds and expressions of faith in Jesus.

A coach of 49 people went from Thurrock and a further four people went independantly, attending the Leaders’ Reception in the Bobby Moore Suite before the main event.

Jonathan Oloyede made the following comments throughout his address to the gathered leaders:

  • “It’s the unity that’s going to break the yoke.”
  • “God said to me, ‘When my people gather, I am the one who speaks.'”
  • “God is the business of uniting his church.”
  • “God told me, ‘Don’t start anything new – just join the dots.'”
  • “Every single one of us is in position across the nation… From across the British Isles we are united… across class, creed and culture.”

NDOP2There was the launching of a new initiative from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association called Crossing London 2012. Stephen Gautroger and Simon Barrington – who was involved in Rock Thurrock – outlined the vision. Franklin Graham will be preaching the gospel in London while it’s hoped hundreds of churches will come together in reaching their localities for Jesus. The London 2013 is a local initiative by Christian leaders with a four-fold emphasis:

  • Encouraging Leaders to embrace an outwardly focused mission philosophy in their leadership of Churches and Christian organisations
  • Equipping Christians in “whole of life discipleship” by providing training to develop evangelistic lifestyles and verbal skills in sharing the Gospel
  • Engaging Communities to connect with and serve, communities and civic society across London, providing a commitment to the social and practical needs of Londoners.
  • Encountering Jesus with a public event to invite people to hear the good news of Jesus simply explained by Franklin Graham – with a chance to respond.

NDOP1In the main event, which began at 2pm, Jonathan opened by speaking movingly about the vision God gave him in 1994 for the National Day of Prayer (NDOP). He explained how the year before he had come to Britian on a three month holiday, but God told him to extend his visit – he’s never gone back! The vision Jonathan was given of thousands of believers gathered to pray and worship in Wembley Stadium – but what he saw wasn’t what existed at the time, the old Wembley, which left him confused, until yeards later the old was dismantled and the new built; it was the new stadium he’d seen in the vision God had given. In obedience, Jonathan has spent the past few years working up to yesterday’s event, convening Global Day of Prayer events at West Ham and Millwall’s football stadiums.

Other highlights were:

  • Barking’s Bishop David Hawkins‘ opening prayers.
  • Jane Holloway from the World Prayer Centre leading the singing of the National Anthem and prayeres for the Royal Family.
  • News from John Burns of More Than Gold of the staggering amount of people reached for Christ through community festivals during the Olympics and Paralympics period.
  • A stirring and passionate reading of Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones by a young person backed by atmospheric and rousing music while an army of young people in red shirts flanked the sides of the pitch.
  • Young Christians across the nation were commisioned by Phil Hulks of Urban Saints to be catalysts for unity, catalysts for prayer, and catalysts for transformation.
  • Pete Grieg of 24-7 Prayer announced that the fact that statistics show that the UK’s church is growing again!
  • NDOP5There was a very moving presentation by Samaritan’s Purse for Operation Christmas Child – this year the aim is to send 100m shoebixes to 100m children around the globe.
  • Musical contributions included Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Dave Bilbrough, Graham Kendrick, Noel Robinson, Noel Richards, Guvna B –  and soon to be appearing at Thurrock Civic Hall, LZ7 (see link below).
  • Godfrey Birtill led an emphatic rendition of Just One Touch From The King.
  • During the singing of Open Heaven, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen above the stadium.
  • A deep and profound section of national repentance was led by Ian Cole from the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham, calling on the mercy of God for the church and the nation that has largely turned its back on Christian-based morality as a foundation for law-making.
  • There was prayer for everyone at the event to be touched by the fire of the Holy Spirit as at Pentecost, led by Colin Urquhart.
  • Jonathan led closing prayers based on Isaiah 60:1 – Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. A row of shofar blowers blew their shofars, and a trumpet played a kind of reveille, a wake up call. If 2012 is the Wedding at Cana, then this was the moment that the water was turned into wine. (See link below.)

Colin Baker, pastor at Grays Baptist Church, said afterwards:
“To the full coach (49) from Thurrock who came to the National Day of Prayer and Worship, thank you for making this such a great day. Tell everyone how significant the day was and of the awesome experience of praying with thousands and thousands of people.
“Churches represented: Grays Baptist, Grays Methodist, St Cedds, St John’s, Fresh Hope, St Margaret’s and Chadwell. More than that, Thurrock was prayed for! Good times, let’s do it again!”

Boris NDOP jpegLondon Mayor Boris Johnson issued this statement before the NDOP:
“I know that just before the Olympic games some of you were involved in a great prayer session for young people in St Paul’s Cathedral for the success of the city during the Olympic games,” said the London Mayor.
He added: “Were those prayers answered you bet they were, so thank you very, very much.  I think the Olympic and Paralympic games teach us that when people work together for the common good in London, they believe in something together when they care about each other and about the city and what it’s achieving then incredible things can happen.
“I know that’s what you believe in at the Global Day of Prayer.  Thank you very much for what you’re doing.  Have a great day.”

See http://ndopwembley.com/london-mayor-supports-wembley-prayer-day.php for Boris’ full message on video

NDOP4Other links to cut and paste into your browser:

  • http://www.ndopwembley.com/
  • http://www.london-2013.com/
  • http://www.worldprayer.org.uk/
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWoPfAO76LY – LZ& and Matt Redman perform together
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW1B_VfpzMg – the shofars

If you went to the NDOP and have a story to tell and a favourite picture, please send it in and we’ll endevaour to get it put on the website ASAP!