PICT1877For the second year running, the Stanford Boiler Room has held an art exhibition called Create. It took place at the suburban retreat house at 217 Southend Road on Saturday, 11 June.

Transformation Thurrock asked Create’s curator, Lisa Anderson, all about the show.

TT: What is the idea of Create and where did that idea come from?

LA: The idea of Create is to show hidden talent, celebrate, learn, be inspired, conversation, and enjoy the day! Originally inspired by seeing many homes opened up in Brighton to view artists’ work, buy paintings, eat cake, something that happens every year in May.

PICT1855TT: What’s the purpose of the Create art exhibition?

LA: For confidence to grow in individuals, for each year to see progress.

TT: Where does all the art come from?

LA: Some of the art is from children, teenagers and adults who are part of the Stanford Boiler Room, and some is family, neighbours, word of mouth also!

TT: Is the art at the Create exhibition all of a particular type?

LA: I would say the art is all different!

PICT1858TT: Why do you have such a wide variety of art?

LA: It is a reflection of us as individuals -its what we love to do…

TT: So what types of art were on display this year?

LA: Paintings in oil and acrylic, knitting, carved wooden crosses, photos, short video clips, pencil drawings, collage on canvas, cards, hanging baskets by local female gardener, 3D model work.

TT: What sort of folk come to Create?

LA: People who are part of the Stanford Boiler Room, our friends, family.

PICT1871TT: What do you feel Create brings to the Boiler Room community, and also the art community of Thurrock?

LA: A balance, life,opportunity to give advice, encouragement, colour and excitement, joy, relief, answers, revelation.

TT: Do you feel this year’s Create was a success, and do you think you’ll be doing it again next year?

LA: This years Create was just amazing!!!!!!!!! – and yes, can’t wait to plan the next one.

TT: How would you like to see the vision for Create develop?

IMG02203LA: We are almost at that stage where maybe we could build on this now, so during the year have open days at the house, maybe work on something together, experiment with different materials, come ready to learn a new skill etc. I want to see life throughout the year not just in June. Maybe then we can spread that life onto walls in our shops/cafes etc/schools/offices!!!!!

TT: Thank you Lisa.

Photos… from top downwards…
1. The Boiler Room on Create day
2. The front room full of art
3. Assemblages (2D models) by John Espin and other works
PICT1866PICT18704. Visitors in another room
5. Pylon photomontage by Jonathan Harrold and polaroids by Millena Roethig
6. Cakes in the kitchen
7. Assemblage by John Espin
8. Harrold’s Amazing Theatre – a series of sepia photos shown through a Victorian Pollock’s toy theatre
9. Collage by Lizzy Connor, student at a local secondary school
10. “Sleep” – a short film by Jonathan Harrold and friends on the Film & Media Production course at Sheffield Hallam University

IMG02213PICT187411. Knitted ware by Peggy Rawlings
12. Painting by Lisa Anderson
13. John Espin, Lisa Anderson and her sister Keirston setting up Create