GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 latest

The mobile classroom comes to the borough in the autumn. The GSUS LIVE Core Team have not just been busy with the practicalities, but seeing visions and dreaming dreams…

GSUS LIVE The Core Team

  • Andy Blakey – Seabrooke & All Saints MSC, Thurrock Christian Fellowship Grays
  • Rob Groves – Fresh Hope Community & Stanford Community Evangelist
  • Tim Harrold – Transformation Thurrock & church-in-the-house
  • Andy Higgs – Rector, Stifford Parish
  • Edwin Hughes – Grays Baptist Church
  • Maria Levy – Chafford Hundred Community Church & Pray For Schools Thurrock
  • Caroline Smith – Fresh Hope Community

Others may well become part of the team as the vision expands beyond the visit of GSUS LIVE itself.

GSUS LIVE The Training
Saturday 8 September at Grays School
This is mandatory for all volunteers for the presenting team and technical crew.
How to volunteer? Please see the flyer below.

GSUS LIVE The Schools
There are still just the five local secondary schools taking advantage of the coming of GSUS LIVE in September and October. These are:

  • Grays School Media Arts College 10-14 September
  • Hassenbrook Academy, Stanford-le-Hope 24-28 September
  • Gateway Academy 1-5 October
  • St Clere’s, Stanford-le-Hope 15-19 October
  • Harris Academy, Chafford Hundred 22-26 October

The ‘missing’ weeks may still be filled, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely given there’s only two weeks left of term.

GSUS LIVE The Party – The Return of the Magnificent LZ7
Friday 2 November at the Civic Hall, Grays
This idea came from a conversation between Tim Harrold and GSUS LIVE national coordinator Steve Parry, who told him about an end-of- GSUS LIVE Party in Swansea. Some 400 young people turned up!
Remembering Rock Thurrock (RT) last September, and the success of the band LZ7 in the schools and at the RT events, and the fact that they said they’d love to return to Thurrock, a plan began to be hatched…
Added to that, LZ7 had mentioned last year that they were working on a course to bridge the gap between the decisions made by young people at an event like RT and church. Tim and Roy Edworthy had had a vision during some prayer outside the Civic Hall during RT of a network of small communities of young disciples across the borough; and also at an RT prayer meeting, the word had come to ‘fish out of the other side of the boat’ and ‘go to where the fish are swimming’. Suddenly, all these things were linking up together – and so we have…

GSUS LIVE The Follow-up – New Wineskins and Church Planting
Imagine – young people in their schools, in cafes, in clubs, in community hubs where they feel comfortable, being church.
Imagine – the church planting churches outside of itself. Where the centre is the edge, as the Celts would say.
Imagine – swimming where the fish are swimming; discipling disciples who disciple disciples, and so on. Truly multiplying. Jesus said, “Go… and make disciples…” Mike Breen says: “If you make disciples, you will always get the church. But if you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples.”
Imagine – putting the new wine into new wineskins – not the old! (The old is preserved.)

GSUS LIVE… watch this space!