The above poster is being distributed around the secondary schools being visited by GSUS LIVE (and those that aren’t), and being emailed to the leaders of each of the three Bar’N’Bus teams, and to local church youth groups.

To download the poster, please click on the link to the left of this article.

Appeal for partners in funding…

A major aspect of this year’s GSUS LIVE project is not actually GSUS LIVE itself, but what follows.

We’re going to have a party!

But not just any old party – we’ve invited LZ7 back to the borough after their outstanding performances at Rock Thurrock last year.

We believe there are still many young people out there who will remember those events and LZ7’s visit to their schools this time last year, and build on their relevant and relational approach.

So, we have booked the Civic Hall for Friday 2 November for the GSUS LIVE AFTER-PARTY.

The plan is to issue 150 tickets per school as GSUS LIVE goes round, at a cost of £5 each. This should allow some 750 young people to come.

But the idea of the GSUS LIVE After-Party isn’t an end in itself – it is actually a pivot point for groups to be started in schools of young and new believers, using newly produced materials put together by LZ7 to communicate the gospel further and make disciples of the young people who respond to Jesus. So the party is an integral springboard for what is to follow.

The GSUS LIVE Team are convinced the Lord is in this, and that through this process the Kingdom will grow in quantity and quality.

However – all this costs money!

We need to raise £5000 to help cover the costs of the party very quickly. Will you please help?

By helping to make this happen, you will be sowing seeds of faith into the future of this borough – because we really believe this 3-phased strategy (schools / event / discipling) is acting in obedience to the Lord. And obedience liberates divine power. Through your gift, you will help to inspire a generation. Now, where have I heard that before?

If just 100 people give £50, we’ll have it covered. If 50 churches give £100 each, we’ll have it covered.

To give to the GSUS LIVE After-Party fund, please:

  • send monies and cheques made payable to Transformation Thurrock and marked GSUS LIVE AFTER-PARTY on the back (we’ve set up a GSUS LIVE After-Party pot).
  • send to Mrs Rosalind Wilson, Treasurer, Transformation Thurrock, 103 Thors Oak, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex SS17 7BZ.
  • To keep administration costs down, receipts will not be sent unless requested.

Please pray about this, and many thanks in anticipation.

On behalf of the GSUS LIVE Core Team, for King and Kingdom,