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The Transformation of Transformation Thurrock (1)

by Tim Harrold, Juy 2013

logo300Habakkuk 2:2
Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

The story so far...

For some considerable time now, I have been wrestling with the purpose of Transformation Thurrock, its administration and usefulness.

Logo for printSince its inception in 2008, the banner of Transformation Thurrock - an intentional prophetic statement of intent - has been used in the facilitation and resourcing of prayer and mission for the borough.

Transformation Thurrock has...
  • for a long time faciliatating directly the weekly Grays Leaders Prayer
  • faciliated monthly Gatekeepers of the Gateway prayer gatherings
  • held monthly Transformation Thurrock Prayer meetings
  • put on 24-7 prayer weeks
  • organised three Thurrock Day of Prayer events
  • co-run three Pray For Schools days
... and initiated or partnered in a number of missional activities such as...
  • Bar’N’Bus
  • GSUS Live
  • Rock Thurrock
  • the LZ7 After Party
  • the WAY.4WD schools' discipleship groups
  • Thurrock Celebrates
Transformation Thurrock has also supplied equipping events - Healing the Land, Treasure Hunting, and most recently, the Newforms Level 1 Training.

This has spilled over the borough’s borders and into neighbouring boroughs and indeed has been linked to a number of regional and national initiatives, providing facilitation and support. These include...
  • the co-founding and continuing work of the Thames Gateway Prayernet
  • the Global Day of Prayer London M25 Nutcracker prayer over three years
  • the More Than Gold national prayer team covering the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics
... and lots of other 'under the radar' stuff. Transformation Thurrock is also represented at the London Network of Networks.

So there are links up and down the river and into London, and throughout Kent and Essex. These have come about because Thurrock is geographically and historically significant, and therefore of the utmost spiritual strategic importance.

Transformation Thurrock has stood for, encouraged and promoted church unity in all of these, developing unity in some instances under its own name, and championing the unity expressed by such non- and cross-denominational ministries as Besom, Celebrate Recovery, UNITE 30/31 and Foodbank. Where fellowships have wanted to invite the wider body to events and conferences, by and large these have been advertised upon request.

In a less obvious way, Transformation Thurrock has engaged with Thurrock Council. In 2012, this was in relation to the More Than Gold initiative; and now, the emerging Thurrock Celebrate vision, which is set to go on beyond 2013 and into the future.

For all the above, thank you King Jesus.

Transformation Thurrock is not a network, but it networks. It has always tried to maintain a sense of movement and resist the temptation to become a monument.

Transformation Thurrock has never been ‘Tim’s thing’, and that has never been the intention. Others have frequently used the Transformation Thurrock banner and logo in conjunction with various activities. To see Transformation Thurrock as ‘Tim’s thing’ is to miss the point. But carrying a vision requires the protection and enablement of that vision, and the only things that have required ‘control’ are the encouragement of the use of the word ‘we’ (as opposed to ‘I’) and the unifying phrase 'Transformation Thurrock', and to come in the opposite spirit of control.

Running parallel to the developing story of Transformation Thurrock has been my journey with regards to simple church, having exweb jpegplored prototype versions and then been part of a founding group who have met under the name of church-in-the-house (CITH) since 2009.

However, it is apparent that Transformation Thurrock is extremely useful and helpful to some, while others choose to ignore it totally. I appreciate that their are a variety of reasons for that, not least that fellowships have their own activities and websites notifying their members of those activities. Nevertheless, Transformation Thurrock’s essence is like any expression of unity: it must be worked at and continually celebrated. A vision caught is a vision married to, and therefore to be tended and grown.

In recent months I've become increasingly aware of five things...
  • that God’s purposes for both Transformation Thurrock and the CITH have merged, and the making of disciples, from which a simple church network of 'Jesus groups' is created, is key to mulitplication
  • that the foundation and movement Transformation Thurrock seeks is provided through apostles and prophets
  • that we all need to be better equipped to be ‘supernaturally natural’ in order to see our borough truly (spiritually) transformed, so Transformation Thurrock moves from idealistic intent to active reality
  • that a Transformation Thurrock House of Prayer is needed - a group who walk the land, towns and streets of the borough, responding to the Holy Spirit obediently in prophetic action, shifting the pervading atmosphere, maintaining an open heaven
  • that Transformation Thurrock is about changing the perception of the borough through the release of good news stories, an empowering process which Thurrock Celebrates is encouraging and enabling, moving from what is wrong to what is strong
Developing out of these thoughts is a new vision for Transformation Thurrock, built on a new foundation.

Like an egg being broken and beaten into an omelette, like a butterfly breaking out of the totipotency of its chrysalis state, like a sweet almond bud blossoming bursting out on Aaron’s rod... Transformation Thurrock is transforming!

Part 2 to follow...

Tim Harrold, 19/07/2013

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