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The Transformation of Transformation Thurrock (2)

by Tim Harrold, July 2013

"Equipping to Disciple, Discipling to Equip"

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.
Habakkuk 2:2

Transformation Thurrock is transforming. This metamorphosis has taken some time to develop and be (re-) birthed as a vision, but the time has come to write down the revelation and make it plain.

I have been grappling with “What is the vision of Transformation Thurrock?” ever since Ben Taylor (Newforms Resources / Mission Britain) asked me that question over lunch in a stately home called Moggerhanger Park in September 2011.

Since then, God has brought to my attention a number of profound inputs have re-shaped my thinking. (I have listed these at the bottom of this article.)

The main reasons for the reimagining and restructuring of Transformation Thurrock are to:
  • de-clutter and simplify
  • lay new foundations
  • become more movemental, missional and multiplying
  • make social media an integral aspect of the website’s running
The vision is split into three overlapping strands:
  • Intercession
  • Mission
  • Education
Communication is separate, being both of and over the above three strands.

Intercession - Praying Disciples
  • House of Prayer - intercessors dedicated to praying for the borough with a focus on its geographical, historical and spiritual significance; to hear the heavenly strategy and to be obedient to prophetic action; to pray for the mission
  • Healing the Land - walking the roads of the borough, the streets of the towns and the places of interest, peeling back the palimpsests of the past to reveal the deep and the hidden waiting for the Sons of God to be revealed with their accompanying redemption
  • Grays Leaders Prayer - continued involvement in the weekly united gathering for people in church leadership
  • Thames Gateway Prayernet - continued involvement in regional prophetic intercession on the land
Mission - Making Disciples
  • Persons of Peace (see also Education) - discovering those whom God is already preparing to be disciples, to be disciple-makers, from which Jesus Groups can begin
  • Jesus Groups - gatherings of disciples who disciple i.e., multiply; simple church in style (this is a vision to see 'discipleship hubs' across the borough given to me and Roy Edworthy while praying at Rock Thurrock in September 2011)
  • WAY.4WD - ditto, but in schools (currenlty undergoing change)
  • Thurrock Celebrates - Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD); encouraging social entrepreneurship, partnerships between the faith and volunteer sectors, as well as with the Council; collecting Good News Stories on sister website www.thurrock-celebrates.org.uk
Education - Equipping Disciples
  • Release of Apostles and Prophets - helping to discover and empower these ministries in the local church
  • Persons of Peace (see also Mission) - equipping equippers to equip
  • School of the Supernatural - external teaching in the spiritual gifts (which we hope can be roled out in Thurrock)
Crossing all three strands:
  • Healing on the Streets - prayer tents etc. in town centres, events and festivals
  • Treasure Hunting - a means of finding those whom God is calling
  • Jesus Deck - a way of communicating Jesus through prayer and the prophetic at psychic fairs
Communication - the website
Three headings:
  • Transformation Thurrock - about TT, intercession, mission, education, TT blog
  • Unity - church map, directory, links; external resources and networking e.g., London Network of Networks + Cinnamon Network
  • Community - Thurrock Celebrates; links to local partners / change agencies, Thurrock Council, Thurrock Faith Matters, local media
    • each of the above linked to What’s On - fed from Twitter and Facebook
    • all-new on-line registration process
    • automatically generated weekly emails with events, reports and latest articles from blog
TT vision simple v2 jpeg

Transformation Thurrock is transforming.

  • Some of the above has begun to be actioned.
  • Some of it may change or be added to.
  • The website has yet to be redeveloped, and the Twitter and Facebook accounts launched.
  • The logo will be redesigned.
  • The strapline may be refined.
  • While all these things are in transition, there will be no more weekly emails and no articles will be added to the website. However, the work of Transformation Thurrock will begin to take on the new characteristics as outlined here.

Unblock the wells!

  • It is said that in the 1880s, after the chalk was dug out of the Grays pits, there was a great amount of mineral water released - it was of such good quality that it was bottled and sold.
  • Source (!):
    • South Essex Water Works Company was incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1861-2, with a capital of £80,000, in £10 shares, for the purpose of supplying Brentwood, Ilford, Barking, Romford, and other places between Grays and the district adjacent to the eastern suburbs of London, with pure water, from the copious springs which have been opened during the last 50 years, in the extensive chalkpits and quarries at Grays Thurrock.
    • These springs are capable of producing many million gallons daily, free from organic matter, and easily rendered, by the usual process, far softer than any other water at present supplied to London. It is particularly suitable for shipping, and will keep during the longest voyages without change. The works were commenced in 1862, and the water is to be forced in large pipes to a high-service reservoir, on an elevated site, near Warley Barracks. The Company's Offices are at 8 George Yard, Lombard street, London; and Mr. M. Beale is the secretary.
    • Grays Thurrock 1863 Whites Directory http://pubcensus.co.uk/Thurrock/GraysThurrock-1863Whites.shtml
      (With thanks to Andy & Jan Blakey for this information and insight.)
  • This is a picture (or pitcher...) of transformation in Thurrock, and confirmation of the long-held vision of turning ‘filthy water’ (from which the borough gets its name) into fresh.
  • This fits with the word over Thurrock given by Pam Lane in 1996 at a prayer meeting of the cross-denominational Thurrock Schools Christian Worker Group, Isaiah 41:17-20. (See Thurrock - Land of... link to left.)
Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

Ten inspirations and links:
  • Peter Farmer - Pioneer Mission (book) www.missionbritain.com
  • Stephen & Marilyn Hill - The Luke 10 Manual - Mission as Mandated and Modelled by Jesus (book) www.harvest-now.org
  • Alan Hirsch - The Forgotten Ways (book and seminars) www.theforgottenways.org
  • Bill Johnson - The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind: Access to a Life of Miracles (book) www.bjm.org
  • Alastair Petrie - (conversations) www.partnershipministries.org
  • Cormac Russell - Asset-Based Community Development (workshops) www.abcdinstitute.org
  • Wolfgang Simson - Houses That Change The World (book and seminar) www.simsonwolfgang.de/html/welcome.html
  • Ben Taylor - Newforms Level 1 Training (workshops) www.newformsresources.com
  • Frank Viola & George Barna - Pagan Christianity? (book) www.paganchristianity.org
  • Wonderlust Productions - Furious Love and Father of Lights (films) www.wpfilm.com
For more books, see 'Transforming Thurrock...' link to left.

Tim Harrold, 31/07/2013

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