The wisdom of Steve Backlund

Igniting Hope logo jpegSteve and his wife Wendy are 'igniting hope, worldwide', through Igniting Hope Ministries, based at Bethel Church, Redding, California

"The Kingdom of God is not advanced by good conduct. It's moved forward by good beliefs."

"We do not go forward by looking backward. We are not called to fix an old life but to find a new life."

"Our hope levels are indicators of whether we are believing truth or lies."

"A lot of what we call our 'personality' is really just bad beliefs."

"A glad Jesus messes up many people's theology."

"Our view of the end times can be a deciding factor in whether we are positive or negative in our lives."

"Identifying and removing doubt in ourselves is one of the most important things we can do."

"Your past isn't your problem. Your current beliefs are."

"Experience often masquerades itself as truth."

"Success isn't a place to reach, but a state of being."

"The reason you are hopeless about yourself is because your faith is in YOU."

"Once you stop believing in people, you stop being a leader."butterfly breakout

"We cannot have a change in behavior without a change in the way we think."

"One reason why God likes to use people with issues is he has no other people to use."

"Our response to things is almost always more important than the thing that is happening."

"Our trust & faith in God grows in proportion to knowing His character, goodness and trustworthiness."

"90% of successful leadership is what I think about the issues around me."

"Our response to imperfect leaders in our lives reveals how ready we really are to lead."

"How we feel about ourselves will strongly affect how we feel about others."

"Every problem is an opportunity to see how big my God is."

"If you watch your heart and your mind, you won't need to watch your mouth."

"The question is not 'Lord, tell me what to do.' The question is 'Lord, tell me what to believe.'"

"Ministry is not about giving information, it's about imparting life."

"Every proper interpretation of scripture leads to hope."

"Ministry does not primarily come from what we know, it comes from who we are."Backlund jpeg

"Vision for the future gives power for the present."

"Every proper interpretation of scripture leads to hope."

Find out more about Steve Backlund here: Steve Backlund on YouTube…

Steve Backlund, 22/02/2014

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