One of Transformation Thurrock's best mates in London Marathon

John OB  TimJohn O'Brien is a Christian Schools' Worker living in Sheffield - and a mate of Tim Harrold's. The first met at the Together For England conference in Canning Town in the summer of 2010. John told his incredible testimony of miraculous provision for his mum and his twin brother when they were babies.

That autumn, Tim's son went to Sheffield Hallam University, and Tim met up with John, and a friendship was formed. It turned out that John's wife's brother was in the very same class as Tim at secondary school!

Since then, they've met up whenever they can, most recently this week in Sheffield (when this photo was taken). John and his wife take a keen interest in Transformation Thurrock, receiving the weekly TT e-news and praying for the borough.

John works in local primary schools, providing assemblies and after school clubs, and with his wife facilitates church youth clubs and weeks. He has also been involved in children's prayer conferences and other events in the Far East and Africa.

John is training for the London Marathon... Appreciating there will be locals running as well, how about considering supporting John? Read below what he says on his sponsorship website. The link to the webpage is at the bottom.

John OB  GoliathHello! Thank you for reading this. I'm John (the one on the right) and I'm aiming to run 26 miles. The one on the left is Goliath - he's a Sloth. He won't be running, as it would probably take him 26 years!

I get a buzz from visiting loads of kids in schools, using puppets, telling stories and sharing with them what I believe is truly spectacular.

I help them to see how amazing they are by unlocking their potential, daring them to take that step, be ambitious, make great choices, and treat others right.


That is why I want to raise support for Global's Make Some Noise (GMSN - see logo below), because they help the smaller nitty gritty charities who struggle with resources, doing a massive amount of work among those who are lost - and have been lost, helping them to find hope again.

John OB

I'm encouraging a younger generation - telling them that they can do it...  So it's time I listened to my own words!

At 52, it's time to get out there and have a blast! I would welcome any support you would like to give.

Thank you,



To sponsor John, see

For more info on GMSN, see

John OB GMSN logo

Tim Harrold, 29/01/2016

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