Thurrock's Thames Crossing debate hots up

Thames Cross 6by Tim Harrold using various sources

There are 2 opportunities in Thurrock in the next week to see and discuss Highways England's Thames Crossing plans:

Landsdowne Primary Academy
Landsdowne Road, Tilbury RM18 7QB
18 February 2016


London Cruise Terminal, Tilbury
25 February 2016
6.30pm for 7pm start
compered by BBC Essex's James Whale

There is also a petition against a crossing on the Government website which can be signed. If 10,000 signatures it has to be debated in parliament. See

Thurrock Council have stated that they are against any plans for another crossing in Thurrock. However, the Government seem set to have one in Thurrock. This means that it might be a good idea to look at where another crossing would have the least impact on Thurrock as a backstop plan.

The three options are:
  • Option A: located close to the existing crossing
  • Option B: connecting the A2 Swanscombe Peninsula with the A1089
  • Location Option C: connecting the A2/M2 with the M25 between junctions 29 and 30
    • Location Option C variation: which would additionally widen the A229 between the M2 and M20
Thames Cross 738 Degrees petition -

Links for the Thames Crossing consultation -

A Brief History of Thurrock

Thurrock is a pilgrimage land. In medieval times people crossed the river from and to here. In the 650s, St Cedd extended his missionary work among the East Saxons from Bradwell and established a monastic community on the land where St Catherine's, East Tilbury, now is (or very near to that), probably because it was a crossing point. There was a Roman road that went down to the river at what is now East Tilbury. In pre-Roman times, the area above Mucking was as spiritually significant as Canterbury and politically and commercially important as London - it was the regional capital. Is the proposed second crossing God's destiny for this pilgrim land? Is the borough to be a highway not only to Kent but to Europe beyond? Or is this crossing a further imposition on an already raped and ravaged land? What is God saying about the molecules he placed beneath our feet? Pray!

Picutres top to bottom
  • The 3 Options
  • The routes for Option C
  • Map of the proposed 'Tagliatelle Junction' at Orsett
  • Artist's impression of the Tagliatelle Junction
  • A plan for a tunnel connecting Junction 30 in Essex and Junction 2 in Kent
  • Graphic showing various statistics
  • Letter from Jackie Doyle-Price MP to a Thurrock constituent suggesting the decision for Option C has already been taken
Thames Cross 1
Thames Cross 3
Thames Cross 5
Thames Cross 2
Thames Cross 4

Tim Harrold, 13/02/2016

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