Thurrock Leaders' Prayer Day teaching on Presence

GLP THREEby David Bareham at Community Church Chafford Hundred (right)
These are David's notes for a talk he gave at the TLP 'Pancake Day' on 9 February 2016.


The Temple

  • There is a big story from Genesis to Revelation, the metanarrative of God’s Word
  • One of the themes running through the is the Temple
  • Most Religions have temples, cathedrals, churches, chapels
    • What do they represent?
    • They show a desire for the reality of the presence of God
  • The temple = A place where God meets with Man

1. The Garden of Eden

  • Genesis – The Garden of Eden
    • The first temple - Gen 1:27 Creation is a temple
    • Usually when a temple is built, the last thing that is placed in the temple is an image of God
  • Genesis 2:8-17, 3:8 River and temples interconnected in the Bible (Ezekiel 47)
    • The rivers run from Eden to the world to bring blessing and refreshment
    • Gold and precious stones also a Temple precedent planted by God for His glory,
  • Temple got spoiled (Genesis 3) and cherubim guarded the garden
    • There were cherubim embroidered on the curtains of the temple guarding the presence of God (Exodus 26:1)

2. The Tabernacle

  • Instruction to Moses to build a Tabernacle so that God could dwell amongst His people - Exodus 33:15
    • The presence Exodus 25 onwards
    • especially Exodus 40:34-38
  • Moved around the wilderness Joshua    
    • Sets up the Ark at Shiloh - Joshua 10:23, 15:63, conquered Jerusalem, but set the temple at Shiloh 18:1
  • Stays in Shiloh until 1 Samuel 4
  • Returned to Beth Shemesh 1 Samuel 6:13ff
    • Then to Kiriath Jearim, Abinadab's house 1 Samuel 7
  • David brought the tabernacle to Jerusalem - 2 Samuel 6
  • David wanted to build a temple 2 Samuel 7

3. Solomon builds the Temple

  • 950 BC Solomon builds the Temple - 1 Kings 5-9, 2 Chronicles 2 onwards
    • Read 2 Chron 3:14, 2 Chron 7:1-3
  • The temple has many ups and downs in the reigns of the various kings until 587BC when Nebuchadnezzar lays siege to Jerusalem, burning the city, murdering inhabitants, and carrying a remnant into captivity – 2 Kings 24-25, 2 Chronicles 36
    • The temple was destroyed and sacred vessels carried off to Babylon
    • These vessels desecrated in Babylon by Belshazzar (see Daniel 5)
  • Ezekiel had a vision whilst in Babylon about the glory of God and the temple
    • In Ezekiel 47 we read about his vision of a supernatural temple with river flowing out from it bringing fruitfulness and healing.

4. The Second Temple Ezra 3-6

  • 541BC Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah
    • The first Jews return from Babylon in small numbers to rebuild the city and its walls
    • The second temple is built despite fierce opposition and delays, beginning with erection of an altar of sacrifice on Mount Moriah
    • Temple completed after 15 year delay in 515BC
  • No glory! Ezra 6
  • c. 175-163BC – Antiochus Epiphanes IV desecrates the temple, offers a sow upon the altar and carries off temple treasuries
    • Worship and sacrifices halted
  • 170BC Maccabees – Temple purified and worship and sacrifices restored 165 BC
  • 63BC Roman conquest of the Holy Land. Herod the Great had building projects to placate the Jews
    • The temple was vastly enlarged and levelled
    • The second temple rebuilt and enlarged and was a beautiful building

5. Jesus and the Temple

  • 3BC Jesus presented at the temple and dedicated to God by his parents, doves offered in sacrifice. Luke 2:21- 24
  • 8AD Jesus (12) talks to priests and teachers in the second temple - Luke 2:49 30-33AD
  • Jesus tempted by the devil on the pinnacle of the temple – Luke 4:1-12
  • Jesus casts out money changers from the temple – John 2:13-16
  • He taught in the temple courts
  • Jesus Predicts destruction of the Second Temple – Matthew 24ff, Mark 13, Luke 21
  • 70AD Roman General Titus besieges Jerusalem destroying city
    • Temple set on fire, soldiers tear every stone apart to get melted gold
    • Menorah and vessels carried to Rome
    • Treasury robbed
  • Jesus predicts desolation of the third temple Matthew 24:15
  • The temple mount, where the dome of the rock is, is where some Jews want to rebuild the temple.
    • are groups that have all of the temple items in place and have trained Levites ready to minister in the third temple.
  • No longer a physical temple - Jesus is the Temple - Isaiah 2:2
    • Matthew 12:6 Destroy this temple and I will raise it up in 3 days – John 2:19
  • When Jesus died on the cross the curtain torn in to from top to bottom, and the barrier had been removed
    • The Cherubim engraved on the curtain had been removed – access to God is possible
  • We worship God through the new temple who is Jesus
  • We are also in a new covenant
    • from Old covenant to New Covenant
    • from Covenant of Moses to Covenant of Jesus
    • from Covenant of Law to Covenant of Grace
    • from Covenant where the HS confined to individuals to Covenant where HS is poured out

6. The Church

  • Pentecost was a temple experience. God come down in fire.
    • For all nations as they spoke in different languages Acts 2
  • Acts 17:24 - God does not live in temples made by hands
  • We are individually the temple as Gods Holy Spirit lives within us
    • Paul says do not sin as your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
    • We are also corporately a temple 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • Ephesians 2

7. The Future temple

  • The future temple – new heaven and new earth – Eden restored and more
    • Revelation 21:1-3, 22-23, 22:1-3


  • How does this summary of the temple affect how you see Church?
  • What difference does it make to the way that we act if we were to understand that God lives in us in the same way that he did in the tabernacle and temple?
  • Consider the image of a river flowing from the temple to the nations to bring healing and fruitfulness. How does this challenge us as the Church?
These notes can be downloaded using the link to the left.

David Bareham, 18/02/2016

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