The Parable of Leicester City

Tim Harrold

Foxes logoLeicester City - Premiership Champions 2015-16. The improbable has happened. At 5000-1 odds, they're saying it's a 'miracle'. They've never won the League before.

Manchester United have spent more on their team in the past two years than Leicester City have over their entire 132 year history. The last team to win the League for the first time were Nottingham Forest in 1977-78 (under Brian Clough). This is a rare occurance. 'A trophy earned not bought', as one newspaper put it.

Leicester City have become everybody's favourite second team - for now. Certainly, the whole world knows about this 'minor' midlands team and their Italian manager Claudio Ranieri.

What do we learn from this unlikely event?


Leicester City are underdogs. Like David's victory over Goliath, they've won against seemingly insurmountable odds. We may feel we're 'nothings', but with the God of the impossible on our side, anything is possible!

King Power

Leicester City play at the KING POWER Stadium. THE King, King Jesus, has come in power - but the kimgs over whom Jesus is King of kings, are coming in power... The church is awakening to its identity in Christ, its purpose on earth, and consequently the power of the Holy Spirit it has at its disposal. Jesus told his disciples that they would do greater things than he did - and that includes us, today, now!

Team Players

A key to Leicester City's success is playing not as a team of individuals, but as a group of individuals making a team. This is an incredible important principle. Other clubs with more financial resources are able to source the most amazing individual footballing talents - but unless they gel as a team, they won't win any silverware. The Bible talks about the Kingdom being like a body, whose head is Jesus. We are all parts of that body, and unless we play as a team, the body of Christ can't function as it should. United!

Another thing - one commentator made the point that the Leicester City players haven't just been team members and collegaues in training and on the pitch, but friends. They didn't just bond as an almost unbeatable team because of their professionalism, but because of their mutual friendship. Ranieri said that among the reaons for his players' triumph is love and passion.

Fire Foxes

(Solomon) went out and caught three hundred foxes and tied them tail to tail in pairs. He then fastened a torch to every pair of tails, lit the torches and let the foxes loose in the standing corn of the Philistines. He burned up the shocks and standing corn, together with the vineyards and olive groves. Judges 15:4-5
If the rich clubs are the Philistines, then Leicester City - nicknamed The Foxes - have been let lose among their 'crops'. Reputations have been 'burnt' by the success of The Foxes as they ran amok in this season's Premiership. The rich don't look so rich anymore without their hands on the lucrative Premiership trophy.
The followers of Jesus are like this. He's put a fire in our bellies that compels us to run riot in the fields of the empire of the enemy, just as Jesus did. And our hands are already on the trophy of eternal life - we can live out the reality of heaven here and now. John 17:22.

Arise Fire Foxes of God!

Watch out for IGNITION coming soon!

Now... can the Eagles do the underdog over the Red Devils in the FA Cup Final???!!!

Tim Harrold, 07/05/2016

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