Transformation Thurrock at The Big Lunch



tomorrow - Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Transformation Thurrock stall will be ready to roll from 10am onwards, but the actual event doesn't start until 11am. The event ends at 3pm.

We'll be mainly doing spiritual readings using the prophetic picture cards, but also treasure hunting and praying for healing.

We'll be armed with Gospels of John and Second Chance DVDs and inviting people of peace into the kingdom of Jesus.

Last year we had a great time at The Big Lunch talking to and praying with loads of people about Jesus - and just last week, we did the same at Village Beach. See the links.

As Pete Greig of 24-7 Prayer recently said on his Facebook page:

Reflecting on how the charismatic renewal taught us to pray 'Come Holy Spirit' and for many years he has come surprisingly willingly to countless meetings, conferences, services and even (dare I say it?) - prayer rooms.
But now the tables seem to be turning. Everywhere I go in the world I sense a new day dawning. Perhaps its time for the renewal of the church to overflow into the renewal of the earth.
Maybe the Spirit is saying, 'Come, holy people. Come to *my* meetings. Come to the streets. Come to the schools. The clubs and bars. Come to the marketplaces, the messy places, the prisons. You've seen the wonderful things that can happen when I attend your meetings, but you really ain't seen nothin' yet! If you will just attend my meetings, you'll find out what my power, my presence, my advocacy and gifts can do!'
And so the question we must ask ourselves is this: Will we stay in our safe environments being renewed and blessed, or will we go out and become a blessing to renew nations?

Please bring a chair and lunch (unless you want to buy it).

If you know anyone else who's done the Firestarters or Ignition training who you think maybe interested to be part of the team, please pass this on. 

big lunch poster


Tim Harrold, 25/07/2016

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