Transformation Thurrock Charity progress

Update, 9 March 2017, by Tim Harrold, Creative Consultant

The first meeting of the Trustees of the new Transformation Thurrock Charity took place on Tuesday 17 January.

The TT charity's registered charity number is 1170333.

Who's Who

The eight trustees are (in alphabetical order):

  • Judith Acreman - Thurrock Christian Fellowship (based in Corringham)
  • Colin Baker - pastor, Grays Baptist Church: Chair
  • Andy Blakey - Thurrock Christian Fellowship (based in Grays): Secretary
  • Roy Edworthy - The Craftsmen Group: Treasurer
  • Kim Ford - St Catherine's, East Tilbury
  • Frank Gaisie - pastor, Destiny Chapel, South Ockendon
  • Andy Higgs - rector, Stifford Parish (St Mary's, N Stifford and St Cedd's, Stifford Clays)
  • Niyi Olujobi - pastor, Church Of His Presence, Grays

The board reflects the denominational and cultural diversity of the Christian Faith Community across the borough.

Tim Harrold, as Creative Consultant will be commisioned by TT to undertake functions as at present as well as initiate projects in the future. He cannot work exclusively for TT as it is a charity and because he is freelance.

Two-Part Launch

There will be two launches of the new TT Charity.

The first launch will take place on Saturday 13 May 2017. This is being described as the 'spiritual' launch and will comprise of:

  • continental breakfast
  • presentation
  • fundraising to activate bank account and prepare for second launch (see below)
  • worship and prayer

This will be a low-price ticketed event. More information will be published as soon as the venue is confirmed.

The second launch will take place in late September / early October 2017 at a local hotel (probably the Park Inn, North Stifford). This is the main launch and will comprise of:

  • full English breakfast
  • presentations re. vision, website, finance / Gift Aid etc.
  • visioncasting
  • dissemination of TT promotional materials
  • fundraising
  • worship (led by guest) and prayer

This will be a more highly priced ticketed event than the first.

Plans and projects for 2017

Thurrock Pentecost 2017 on Saturday 3 June
This will come at the end of the Thy Kingdom Come prayer week that many churches across the borough are observing. As with the 2016 event, the focus will be on working together out of the 'rest' of our union.

Logo for printThurrock Watchmen mobilisation
With Roy Edworthy, we are looking to re-establish a network of prayer warriors across the borough to pray for local, national and international concerns.

New Transformation Thurrock website
The TT website is an old wineskin. It has been declared obsolete and will be decommissioned as soon as a new wineskin of a website is built and able to function, with the help of Jen Farrant of St Mary's, Little Thurrock. The way in which people will interact with the website and receive regular TT e-news will change too.

Audit of the Faith Community across Thurrock
Now that the Thurrock Faith Matters forum has disbanded, there is no mechanism in place for maintaining a database of the ever-changing faith sector in the borough. TT has proposed to meet as many faith leaders as possible, noting their group's venue and activities, collating all the information in one place, and thereby creating a fresh network of connectivity that will benefit not only TT and the church, but potentially Thurrock Council and ergo the entire populace of the borough, whatever their faith position.

New 3-part Transformation Thurrock strapline
This will be: Resourcing and facilitating united prayer, united worship and united mission.
The heart vision and number one dream of TT remains to see the Borough of Thurrock transformed through its followers of Jesus to the glory of God (Romans 12:2).
TT continues to be committed to serving and leading by promoting events and projects where complete union is built in, or through initiating events and projects in order to build and promote complete union.
(This duality is based on the principle of unity found in scripture in Psalm 133, John 13:34-35, John 17:22-23, Ephesians 4:1-6 and elsewhere.)

  • Prayer
    • through network (see Watchmen above)
    • in gatherings (the TLP and corporate boroughwide prayer); in praying on the land, on the streets and for our neighbourhoods
    • creating a permanent all-denominational creative prayer space
  • Worship
    • to shift the atmosphere to one of freedom under an open heaven, where supernatural reality and kingdom culture becomes the norm, natural and commonplace
    • create a regular worship-without-agenda event
    • develop a worship centre
  • Mission
    • expressing the unconditional love of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in our local towns and villages (e.g. Firestarters in Grays)
    • introducing the kingdom to those who seek and people of peace
    • establishing a network of new simple groups of Jesus followers in the cafes, clubs, pubs and schools of Thurrock
Social justice and social enterprise play a big part in all of this as well, with a number of associated projects being discussed and developed.

TT is committed to maintaining the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. That is, it is relationally and not religiously motivated. TT is about friendship, just as Jesus called his disciples friends, releasing them into love from the obligations of servanthood.

The TT slogan's current wording of Prayer, Mission, Unity will need to be changed to reflect these amended values and this expanded vision.

How you can get involved

Please support Transformation Thurrock through:
  • prayer
  • attending the above launches
  • getting involved in 'big picture' events and projects that reflect our union as the Body of Christ
  • giving generously - bank account and Gift Aid details will be released as soon as they are up and running (plus the old TT still needs nearly £900 to pay for outstanding expences because of a lack of giving)
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact Tim, Colin, Andy B or Roy - or any of the other Trustees.

Isaiah 41:18-19

Tim Harrold, 09/03/2017

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