Old prayer for Thurrock rediscovered

Tim Harrold

On 4 April 2017, Richard Earll (Community Church and the Chadwell Healing Centre) emailed to me a scanned copy of an old prayer for the borough.

It was written on 13 February 2007 during a 24-7 Prayer Week at Thurrock Christian Fellowship's centre in Corringham.

Two days later, on 6 April, I read the prayer out at the conclusion of the weekly Thurrock Leaders' Prayer gathering, held at Andy & Jan Blakey's in Grays.

Afterwards, Andy went out of the room and returned with a scrap of paper saying, "We found this yesterday."

On it was typed out the very same prayer.

Like King Josiah rediscovering the scrolls of the law of Moses and realising their significance, this prayer has suddenly resurfaced and come to our attention.

You can see and read the prayer(s) below.

What is God saying through this rediscovery?

Prayer for Thurrock 2007 1

Prayer for Thurrock 2007 2

Tim Harrold, 06/04/2017

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