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Tim Harrold

  • Got a heart for the lost?
  • Looking for a fresh challenge?
  • Want to stretch your faith?
  • Want to go on a treasure hunt?
  • Want to find the people of peace that God has his hand on?
  • Are you a prayer warrior looking for a new assignment?
  • Want to prayerwalk a major thoroughfare and see the atmosphere shift?
  • Want to be a part of seeing the kingdom come on earth?

Then why not join the Firestarters Team doing outreach in Grays High Street Market every third Saturday of the month?

FS 15717 AThe team is intentionally cross-denominational as this Transformation Thurrock sponsored outreach is based on the biblical principal of unity and God's promise of blessing for life evermore following and for the healing of the land that is Thurrock.

We are seeking to extend the Firestarters Team so we can go out more than once a month and have a team big enough so that when people can't make it, there's still a good number to carry out the activities.

We also invite Watchmen to come and pray up and down the street and around the area, inviting the Holy Spirit to come and change attitudes and open heaven over the town.

We hope at some point in the near future to have more training events - but it's just as powerful to be trained on the job. Jesus showed his disciples how to do it; then he got them to help him to do it; and then he watched them do it as they got on with it.

The Firestarting activities are as follows:

FS 15717 CFree Hugs
This isn't for everyone, but for those vivacious enough to give away a blessing and connect with people, this is a great fun way of bringing down barriers, shifting the atmosphere, and spreading some Jesus joy. It also allows God to reach in to people's lives and unlock hidden hurts and vulnerabilities, and has often lead to prayer at the stall. Even people who don't want a hug usually smile at the thought and receive a 'God bless' or 'Jesus loves you' in return.

Treasure Hunting
This is where people hear 'clues' from God and then, using those clues, go a search for the 'treasure'. These are people of peace that the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel, either through word or through a prayer for a situation or healing. We expect miracles.

Spiritual Readings
We engage in 'spiritual readings' using picture cards to provoke the prophetic and speak words of encouragement to people seeking meaning in their lives. This not 'new age', but by redeeming the language of so-called alternative spirituality we can engage with people who may otherwise head for a spiritualist church or psychic fayre down at the local pub. Everyone who approaches the stall is told that this is Christian, and that it is about Jesus, and that the team are from local churches.

FS 15717 BWe give away DVDs with the gospel message on them and other materials when appropriate.

Firestarters has been a means by which we have had contact with hundreds of people over the last two years. The Gospel of the Kingdom has been expressed in the marketplace to each one through these various means.

The Firestarter vision is to see the supernatural become natural and for individual transformation to be a catalyst for societal transformation, and to see men, women, boys and girls respond to the invitation to follow Jesus.

The next Firestarters is on Saturday 19 August. We start setting up at 9.30am and begin to minister at 10am and go on until 1pm.

The photos are from the most recent Firestarters' outreach on Saturday 15 July 2017.

Interested? Please contact tim@transformationthurrock.com


Tim Harrold, 18/07/2017

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