News from Kurdish Christians in Iraq 

From Peter Adams

Hello Thurrock,

From the Thames to the world as they say.

I have a friend from South Africa who believed that The Lord told him to go to Iraq, specifically Mosul and Erbil with the Gospel of Jesus.

Let me expand and put this into context as you do not know me and so this is all abstract.

I made friends with a chap over Facebook through several mutual friends, and offered him condolences because a very close friend of his had been killed in Iraq.

As things developed it came out that he intended to go in obedience to The Lord.

I humbled lifted him in prayerful support and daily asked Abba to guide his path and keep him safe for his family until he returned home safely.

I felt a burden for this guy, and we are called to bear one anothers burdens and encourage one another, as well as in our civic lives  mention our brothers and allies abroad.

Why am I telling you all this, basically to share my friends tales with you to strengthen your faith in our wonderful God and hopefully stir you to prayerfully support not my friend but the Kurdish believers in Christ Jesus that we do not hear about on the daily news.

Please could you bear the Believer in Kurdistan up in prayer, particularly Dr R as he single handedly has become the focal point for so many that are in distress and it can be a huge burden to bear alone.

Excerpts from his postings:

While we visited the few people who have returned we experienced the utter devastation they are faced with. Words don't do justice. Pictures dont reveal the carnage. Dr R expressing his frustration. This is a man who was a nominal Christian at the time he and his family were driven out of Qaraqosh. He has come to saving faith by this human tragedy and is committed to serving his community and leading cultural Christians to salvation. Remember him, please pray for him. I will continue working with him as much I can.

Yesterday was a five hour round trip into the mountains bordering Iran. Our meeting at short notice with twenty odd believers from Muslim backgrounds was special. They are so in need of good sound teaching. On our way back, along with Znar, these men prayed for the salvation of the Kurdish people. And if not praying they were signing uplifting spiritual sings of joy and worship. Truly and amazing day. I wish everyone in the west could experience their zeal for Yesua. It is infectious.

"These people deserve everything they got from ISIS. And let me tell you, they are returning after years away and they learnt nothing." - Awsam my interpreter.

A rather harsh assessment. The number to true believers are not many. The religious hierarchy hold a strong sway. Anyone getting saved loses their church subsidized home. They would ban me from going in and bringing "another religion". Well I guess it is compared to what they have. I said to Dr R, they are the same as Islam. No, he responded, they worse, you saw the Muslims let us come and preach Yeshua.

If any of my friends, can help with Kurdish bibles that include the "Older Testament" please let me know. I need to get them to the men I've made contact with,Kurdish Bible

Just found this (right) - the full Bible in Sorani Kurdi has only recently been translated.

Thurrock Christians we are all called to support one another, please keep these  poor people in your hearts and prayers. If you feel that you wish to help them in other ways please leave comments via TT and I will see how best we can do this.

Thank you for your time.

In Christ Jesus,


Peter Adams, 06/09/2017

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