Prayer request from Steve morris in South Africa 

Some of you may remember Steve and Diana Morris who were youth workers in Community Church Chafford Hundred, who were called by God to go and work in one of the townships in South Africa, working among the young people helping them escape the gang culture.  Steve and Diana have set up the Sozo Foundation and are doing some amazing work. but this week have sent a prayer request which is below.
This photo was taken recently in Vrygrond and circulated in an online article from our local newspaper. Like every photo it needs context. Sadly over the last few weeks there has been growing unrest, protest and violence in the community over land ownership on a plot of land at the back of Vrygrond.This has lead to a number of other issues some gang related.

Our local newspaper has summarised the events as:

"On Monday, April 30, rioters attacked Marina da Gama residents as they arrived home and people passing by; stoning and petrol bombing cars and flats at the Vrygrond/Uitsig intersection.

This was an escalation from two prior unrest events where tyres were burned, a car was set alight and protesters threw rocks at passersby.

On Sunday, May 13, Vrygrond ward councillor Gerry Gordon’s car was torched when she visited the community.

Later the same day, rioters set fire to the Capricorn Business Park and the City’s Coastal Park landfill site which is adjacent to Vrygrond.

On Monday night May 14, the offices of New World Foundation, a community upliftment non-government organisation, were petrol bombed and two foundation bakkies were torched."

Today an organised protest took place and closed the whole of Vrygrond down. Sozo is closed and community members are largely staying indoors and trying to avoid violence. Riot police are on exits and entrances and are attempting to contain any problems to the immediate community.

So far Sozo staff and premises are all safe.  morris family

We face an uncertain few days.

Would you please pray for Vrygrond and the work of The Sozo Foundation.

Prayer Points 

        Please pray for safety for the Sozo staff & Students
        who live in the community.

        Please pray for the protection of our building.

        Please pray for community leaders & police
        to be successful in bringing peace

    for more details on the work of Sozo Foundation


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