The invitation was sent out by a New Zealand resident Brigeeta Light, and has gone viral with countries across the globe pledging to join in.

Transformation Thurrock received this via Colin Baker and Tim Harrold

Sent from Colin Baker, Pastor at Caversham Baptist Church, Reading…

Please pray for Australia tonight at 7 pm (UK time) for 3 mins.

Worldwide Collective Prayer Invitation for Australia 

Currently, there are out-of-control fires in 4 States of Australia. Human and animals lives are at risk– with both human and many animal fatalities already. They need a miracle to bring on the rain.

The power of people praying together is very powerful. You are invited to partake in a 3 minute prayer where we collectively pray for:

A massive gathering of monsoon rain, falling on the affected areas, lasting for days. Gentle consistent rain, soaking into the land, all fires are put out. That God would water the land and the people spirits.

Collectively praying! at the same time, has a much more powerful effect than when we pray individually. Please feel free to post this invitation to any friends or groups in your community 

Please stand in prayer with Australia as we call on Jesus grace and mercy  to heal the land and come to Australia’s aid