Transformation Thurrock

Unity, Prayer and Mission

About us

Transformation Thurrock was founded by Tim Harrold in 2008 and became a charity in late 2016.

The name derives from the videos that were popular around the turn of the century called Transformations. These showed examples of communities that had experienced societal transformation and rejuvenation of the land as a result of united prayer and worship.

The phrase Transformation Thurrock provided the name of a prayer room at a number of 24-7 Prayer weeks in the borough between 2002 and 2007. Transformation Thurrock is a prophetic moniker which carries the aspiration to ‘do what it says on the tin’.

Some claim the name Thurrock derives from the Anglo-Saxon word turroc, said to have the meaning a place where filthy water collects, it became a prophetic imperative to declare in the opposite spirit that Thurrock is the place where fresh water flows.

It has since been discovered that Thurrock contains hidden aquifers of water so pure that at various times it has been bottled and sold commercially. This is a picture of the potential of the borough, its church, and its original purpose as designed by God.


Unity, Prayer, Mission

Vision statement

Transformation Thurrock exists to facilitate and resource united prayer and united mission

Aims and purposes

  • To glorify Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the establishment of unity across the Christian Faith Community
  • To facilitate, resource and be an umbrella for joint prayer and worship, inter-church mission and training, and other activities that are open to all across the borough-wide church
  • To network across denominations and cultures represented in the Christian Faith Community
  • To provide opportunities for those in church leadership to connect, befriend and build relationships
  • To build up the body as a whole from the grassroots up
    to establish new groups of followers of Jesus
  • To promote and be involved in social justice, social enterprise and change agencies from within and without the local church
  • To bring together all believers in leadership and grassroots at events
  • To create and support opportunities for outreach and evangelism
  • To create links with other faith groups and encourage community cohesion