From Elle Rew and Dave Wright

Access is a group for the young adult Christians in Thurrock. We get together to socialise and have fun, with a focus on God at its heart.

access3The events have an informal and relaxed atmosphere, allowing strong friendships to be built and an openness to talk about our faith and support each other to develop. The general set-up is to meet up every three weeks at varying venues in the area to socialise, share a meal together and spend time discussing issues around our faith.

The discussions are lead by a different member each time and always prove to be encouraging and refreshingly honest. We also organise social events such as film nights, sports nights and events for special occasions which are always a lot of fun!

access1Access began in June 2009, and was the result of a shared inspiration to unite the young adults in Thurrock. Having experienced a similar concept in Uganda, Elle Rew, 18, felt moved to take the idea of a young adults group back to Thurrock. At the same time Dave Wright, 22, was encouraged toward the same vision and Access was launched.

Through Facebook, the idea was received with an overwhelming response of support and interest and the first events were organised. The group has continued to gain momentum and we believe that this is a group God is moving in.

access2Access intends to unite the young adults across the area, supporting and being supported by the local churches. It is not tied to any church to maintain accessibility to all the young people in Thurrock.

The age range is from 16 to late twenties and we are always delighted to welcome new faces!

If you are interested in joining Access or would like more information for your young adults, feel free to e-mail us or join the Facebook group.