Shiloh pic 1By Tim Harrold – first of two reports

This year’s Shiloh Conference took place in the former nightclub venue under the Queensgate Centre opposite the Thameside Complex in Grays, beginning on Monday 24 and ending on Sunday 30 November 2014.

Prior to the mid-80s, this basement was the CoOp’s Congress House kitchenware, crockery and cutlery department. The Father certainly set a table before us and invited us to banquet lavishly with him.

Pastor Niyi Olujobi‘s (right) vision for the week was Transformation, and his expectation was for a week of Kingdom manifestations. Both were fulfilled.

Each day, except Monday and Sunday, there was a ‘Throne Room’ session in the morning for leaders and disciples, and a ‘Miracle Rally’ every evening, which was open to all. On Sunday, there was a morning Celebration Service.

Owing to visa complications in the USA, Charles Ndifon was unable to get to the UK until Wednesday, and so his wife, Donna, was the speaker for the sessions on the first three days. Rolland Baker’s sessions went as scheduled.

The Ndifons’ themes were Transformation of the Mind and Identity in Christ.

Rolland Baker’s themes were Transformation through Joy, and Holiness.

Words cannot fully express what the Lord imparted and the Holy Spirit did among his people over the week, but the following edited notes give a flavour of what was said and what happened.

Thanks go to Pastor Niyi Olujobi and all at RCCG House of Praise for facilitating such a momentous, significant and blessed event.

Of the 12 sessions, I attended 9. These were:

  • Tuesday – Throne Room with Donna Ndifon
  • Wednesday – Throne Room with Donna Ndifon
  • Thursday – Throne Room with Charles Ndifon
  • Friday – Throne Room and Miracle Rally with Rolland Baker
  • Saturday – Throne Room and Miracle Rally with Rolland Baker
  • Sunday – Celebration Service with Rolland Baker

Throne Room, Tuesday 25 November

Introduction by Niyi Olujobi

  • “Come to me and I will make you a river that will flow out to refresh those around you” – Shiloh’s theme is transformation
    • Jesus always took some of his disciples with him when ever he did miracles so that they would see and their mindset would be changed
    • God cannot be contained in a person – he wants to get out to touch the world
  • The world of God is truth – if we are not aligned with the Word of God, then we are living a lie
    • Is there any difference between you and a unbeliever?
  • Something is wrong about the mindset of the church – there are realities that we are not touching
    • We need to walk in the light of the truth of the Word of God because so many without power
    • You can’t have revelation without illumination

Donna Ndifon (right)

  • Shiloh pic 21Revelation brings revolution
    • Be transformed by believing what you believe – Mark 9:23 If you can believe, all things are possible
    • We use our faith for such small things, yet Jesus said we’d do even greater works
  • Roman 12:2 – What can you believe? Be not conformed to the world
    • Are we are all human? The new has come – you are now a supernatural being: you don’t work it but up you shone it forth – the glory of the Lord is streaming from you
    • There is the word of God and the rest is a lie – rely on the Holy Spirit rather than yourself
    • We limit ourselves by being conformed to the world’s way of living and thinking
    • Jesus gave us the power to be transformed into sons of God – John 1:12-13
  • You are so much more than you think you are
    • Romans 8:19 – For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly awaits the unveiling of the sons of God.
    • As a man thinks so he is, so change your thinking and be transformed
    • Don’t just think good thoughts, but think God thoughts: a good thought is I am blessed, but a God thought is I am a blessing to people
    • To experience a heavenly reality you must think heavenly thoughts
    • If there were no problems to solve, how would you demonstrate the kingdom of God?
  • Do you know who you are seated with Him in heavenly places?
    • Trade your present reality for a heavenly reality
    • Revelation is the vehicle from one reality to another
    • Metamorphosis means that you are being transformed so that you no longer look like you did
    • You can become the word made flesh
  • Anything not done in faith is sin – when sin enters it brings death with it
    • Where ever you have fear there is sin, unbelief – 2 Timothy 1:7
    • Christ in you the hope of glory: no longer a caterpillar but the butterfly emerged from the cocoon – transformed

Throne Room, Wednesday 26 November

Donna Ndifon

  • We sing You Are to God, and the angels sing it back to us
  • You can’t live beyond the revelation you have
    • The Bible is not a book of revelation but a book of seeds from which revelation comes
    • Maturity is thinking God’s thoughts
    • You cannot be filled unless you’re hungry
  • ALL things are under our feet – NOTHING is left above us
    • Adam forgot he was already like God when devil tempted him – but we’re beginning to remember
    • We’re not SET free, but MADE free – the doors are open
    • Don’t let your revelation be a ritual

Throne Room, Thursday 27 November

Introduction by Pastor Niyi Olujobi
If you don’t know who you are, you can’t manifest God’s presence

Charles Ndifon (right)

  • Charles NdifonIt’s time for mega transformation
  • How you hear determines what you become
    • What you hear is important but how you hear is more important – it’s the difference between knowledge and change
    • You can’t receive mega if you’re micro
    • New and old wineskins – new ideas break old thinking
    • We are living epistles, always updated
  • The substance of dreams are your thoughts
    • What I do doesn’t give me status – I give me status
    • I am more than what I’ve been told I am – God is my Daddy!
  • The vehicle of dreams are your words
    • The One in you is unlimited
    • You can’t be transformed with limitations
    • Live on purpose – and with purpose

At the end of these sessions – and at the evening Miracle Rallies – ministry took place and many people reported that they havd been healed of a wide range of medical conditions.

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“Why would you wait for times and seasons when God has put ETERNITY in your heart?” – @ApostleNdifon