The Besom in Thurrock was launched on 7th November 2005. We are, like all other Besoms, a bridge focussed on those who have and want to give to those who are in need.

besom2“When Besom delivered a nearly new bed I just lay on it and said ‘this is like heaven.’ I had been sleeping on a mattress which was stained and smelly that I pulled out of a skip. I couldn’t believe that anyone would give me something of worth as I’m an addict and don’t deserve it. You are a diamond!” –Recipient

How To Get Involved – Giving Time, Money, Skills or Things

Most of the work in Thurrock is presently carried out on Tuesdays when collections and deliveries of furniture, clothing and household items take place.

You can choose what you would like to do and activities range from going out on the van to collect and deliver furniture to sorting and ironing clothes and making up boxes of things for recipients. You can also accompany us on furniture assessments or help with simple admin tasks. There is something for everyone! We start our day at 9.30am but you can choose how much or how little of your time you’d like to give.

besomThe Besom in Thurrock also provides for people who want to give time in a group. We can arrange for your house, cell or home group to decorate, clean, garden or do simple DIY in recipients homes. All you need to do is call or email us to discuss what you’d like to do.

“Besom has made my job sheer joy. What you do is wonderful and the quality of furniture is so good. Thank you.”
– Support Worker

There are many other ways that members and groups from Thurrock churches can get involved by giving time as a group or an individual, giving things and/or giving money. We apply the principle that people in need do not have a choice and should not, therefore, receive anything but the best quality items or service that can be given. Our question would therefore be “Would you like to receive the things that you are giving?”

“What an amazing day – it just all came together through prayer. I love being here – there’s a real buzz!” – Time Giver

You can contact the Besom office on 01375 411806 anytime. There is an answer-phone for you to leave your message and someone will get back to you in due time. Andrea Peters is the Project Co-ordinator and you can e-mail on for further information.