IMG2092The Stanford & Corringham Boiler Room Community House opened its doors for a day of prayer for London on Tuesday (25 May). This was part of the M25 Nutcracker prayer week which has been facilitated by Transformation Thurrock in cahoots with Global Day of Prayer London.

The Boiler Room opened at 7am and prayer went on all day until 11pm. Each hour was given a focus, and various people led each hour’s theme.

The themes included:

  • IMG2091The press and media – led by John Peters
  • The young – led by Simeon Bayton
  • The Royal Family – led by Mike Malwhinney
  • Illegal immigrants – led by Eddie Gjoni
  • The homeless – led by Emma Biddle
  • The Government and Westminster – led by Phil Anderson
  • The Film, Arts and Fashion World – led by Sara & Angelique
  • Drug and knife crime – led by Steve Lawton

Interspersed with these was a House Meal at 6pm and a session of worship at 8pm. The latter was led by Irish Transit student Mike Malwhinney.

IMG2084There was one other theme – the London 2012 Olympics. This was led by Transformation Thurrock’s Tim Harrold. Here is Sally Harman’s report of that session which includes the word she received from the Lord:

Tim unfolded the history and foundation of the Olympics to us. It was not all new as many of us have been taught from school days the Greek connection. However, Tim put this history ancient and more recent refreshing of pagan practices into context for us. We were going to be part of an international celebration that has its roots firmly in the pagan tradition. The flame would travel across the world and all through our nation. The main tower by Amish Kapoor takes its reference from the Tower of Babel.

We started to pray. I was thinking, “Were we compromising?” and “Can we reclaim this Olympics ?”

I saw a picture of a field, marked out as not fit for use. It wasn’t even to be walked on. Barren. It was redundant, maybe it had had poisonous plants grown on it so it had to be left barren for some time. Maybe it was a chemical spray that had poisoned it, and even the streams and brooks had the leaking chemical in them.

PICT1699Oh no, God is this what we are doing, poisoning our land. Bringing this to the UK is what I thought. I felt it is just the opposite – this land, although it has had bad chemicals on it, will produce lots.

On this poisonous waste land there will be lots of growth and blessing. And even the streams will carry the blessing out. What was not fit for purpose will produce life…

Tim then explained that the land on the Olympic site has in fact needed cleaning – the soil was poisoned. God is going to heal this land, and restore it.

Indeed, Sally had no knowledge that the Olympic site at Stratford was contaminated by the industries IMG2093that had previous occupied the area, and that ‘Soil Hospitals’ have been set up to thoroughly cleanse the soil. The land is being healed – a sign of what God is wanting to do in London and the UK. The Lord is shouting 2 Chronicles 7:14 at the church of the UK!

Regarding the pagan aspect of the Olympics, Vera Harrold had earlier had the scripture concerning Elijah and the prophets of Baal, in which God displayed his supreme power over that of false idols, demonic principalities and deceptive spirits (1 Kings 18:16-39).

The pictures show views of the Boiler Room’s prayer room during and after the M25 Nutcracker London Prayer Day. From top to bottom:

  • General view of the Nutcracker prayer wall
  • Detail – a depiction of the Holy Spirit sloshing over the Houses of Parliament
  • IMG2087Detail – the Olympic Torch reclaimed for Jesus
  • Simeon and Sara writing prayers and doing art on the prayer wall
  • Map of London on another prayer wall
  • A prayer for bankers!
  • Knives stuck in the wall as part of the knife crime prayers
  • The simplest prayer of all

The Boiler Room at 217 Southend Road in Stanford-le-Hope is available as a quiet space and a thin place in which to pray or spend a day – just contact Robb and Sally Harman.

IMG2103The Transit students are on a year-out course run by 24-7 Prayer. For more information on Transit, Boiler Rooms and 24-7 style prayer around the world, please go to

Other M25 Nutcracker events this week:

  • Thursday 27th – Grays Community Prayer House at The Old Tennis Court open all day 7.30am to 9.30pm
  • Saturday 29th – prayer at Thurrock Services at 2pm (reporter from Radio 4 is coming!
  • Sunday 30th – prayer on the bridge over the M25 between South Ockendon and Aveley (B1355) at 3pm

For more information on this please contact Tim on or 07 929 878 089.