From Charl at the Stanford Boiler Room Community based at 217 Southend Road.

A team from the 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room have just started a weekly cafe at one of their local secondary schools, Gable Hall in Corringham.

Check it out!!!

On behalf of the Cafe team I just want to say a massive thank you for all prayers, support and texts!

Gable Hall Cafe Wk1I don’t know about you but I think we look quite the part with our waist aprons, lanyards, coffee machine, panini press, menu’s, hot choc mountains…. and I even tied my hair back

As we prayed before and after we really felt like this was the part of a much bigger tapestry God is weaving in our town, our joy was not opening a cafe but serving God and rejoicing in the salvation we have received and long for others to encounter.

So in the first 10 mins we saw over 40 year 9 students a few stayed back, teachers explored the prayer room and we rustled around having chats over the counters, on the canteen doors and over a free squash and slice of toast all the time rubbing off our prayers for Peace and Kingdom Come that we had written on the soles of our shoes.

May this be the start of something, may you be blessed as you hear these stories and may God get all the glory for his majestic plans unravelling in the places in which stand.


lots of love