Guest book jpegRev John Guest’s fourth book, Creative Worship, was launched at St Margaret’s Parish Church on Saturday 22 February.

Around 40 people turned out for the event, which included music, a presentation, light refreshments and a few displays around the auditorium based on contents of the book.

John spoke of worship as being fun – serious fun. He emphasised the many ways in which God can be approached in worship wherever we find ourselves, whether we’re in Sunday morning service, a school assembly, or simply at home with the family.

A video was shown of John introducing the book – you can watch it using the link below. Corringham Salvation Army Captian Sharon King led everyone in a spontaneous prayer.

A song was sung by Debbie Spicer, accompanied by her son on piano, and the displays were put together by Janice Wilkins.

After the preceedings,

See a video of John introducing the book here:

  • Meet John Guest – a parish priest from Essex who loves to use creative arts in his day job! Yes John is a professional clown but for most of the time he works as a vicar running Sunday services, meeting people in time of need and reaching out to the community. But he doesn’t leave his creative skills behind when he dons his dog collar!
    According to John Church can be boring and church services can be hard work. However, WORSHIP is more about play than work and supposed to be enjoyable and exciting. So John calls upon his extensive range of creative talents to show us how we can make our church services what God would like them to be! And he shares them with us in his new book Creative Worship.
    Using the five methods of Signs and Symbols, Storytelling, Slapstick, Surrogacy, and Slant, the book provides the service leaders with 20 different outlines that can be delivered with easy preparation. As John says, the aim is to encounter God, engage with your local community – and have some serious fun on the way! Hear what John has to say to find out more.

Guest booklaunch 3For more info and where to buy the book (£7.99), see:

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