We What Do We Do

The CAP Thurrock Debt Centre follows CAP’s mission to serve the poor and save the lost with the Church across all of Thurrock. We help to deliver CAP’s award-winning Debt Help service to the residents of Thurrock.

In particular:
When people ask for our help, we initially visit them a few times (usually at home), helping them to gather information, explaining CAP’s advice to them, and helping them to implement it.

  • We continue to liaise with CAP’s head office Casework Team about each client’s debt situation and needs, and continue to support our clients until they are debt free
  • We find volunteers from local churches to offer additional friendship and help to our clients, many of whom are isolated and facing many challenges.
  • We refer to the wonderful volunteers who do this as ‘Befrienders’.
  • We offer to pray for our clients and offer to share the message of Jesus with them. They are free to respond however they prefer, and whatever their response we commit to give our best possible help to every client.

Our aim is for every church in Thurrock to be passionately serving and including those who are poorest, as well as boldly proclaiming Jesus.  This means we want to invite members from every church to join the CAP Thurrock team and for churches to partner with us in this ministry!

For the full Thurrock CAP fact sheet click here