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Christmas Matt Bird

from Igniting Hope Ministries
December 11, 2015

35 Declarations for the Christmas Season

Here are 35 powerful declarations from some of our mighty Igniting Hope team members. We encourage you to intentionally speak these out-loud while engaging your faith and spirit. Get ready to witness God transform and upgrade things around you this Christmas!

  1. My family and I will encounter God’s love like never before during this Christmas season.
  2. The people in my city and region are having life-changing revelations about the true meaning of Christmas.
  3. My family will draw closer to each other during this Christmas season.
  4. I will bless many during this season.
  5. My personal times with God will be transformational for me this Christmas season.
  6. I will celebrate what I DO have this season and not focus on what I DON’T have.
  7. I get the most breakthrough during Christmas time.
  8. My gifts to others will bring healing, wholeness, and restoration.
  9. Christmas 3My family and I communicate exceptionally well with one another in this season, creating understanding, appreciation, and lasting closeness.
  10. At Christmas time, I continually have opportunities to release God encounters, encouragement, breakthrough, peace, and hope to those I encounter.
  11. I am receiving life-changing revelations through the Word in this season.
  12. I am overcome by unusual and contagious levels of joy and laughter at Christmas.
  13. God is restoring my family and families in my city, region, and nation this Christmas.
  14. Healing miracles, financial provision, and salvations are normal daily occurrences in this season.
  15. In this season, I go deeper in experiencing the love of the Father who gave His only Son so that I can truly LIVE right now!
  16. Christmas is my season for new dreams to be birthed and promises to be fulfilled.
  17. In this season, I am continually growing in awareness of the presence of God’s one and only Son.
  18. I will unlock gifts of revelation and increase at Christmas. The new gifts will trump any self-limiting mindsets.
  19. This Christmas will forever be marked as the birthing of a higher level of year-long generosity in my life.
  20. Men and women saw angels in the events we celebrate in Christmas. From now on, I will too.
  21. Mary’s purity brought about unparalleled encounters with the Holy Spirit. I will increase in my own purity to new levels, having encounters unlike any I have ever known.
  22. My heart connections with my family, friends, and God are supernaturally accelerating this Christmas.
  23. I have received the greatest gift of all – Jesus! I therefore embrace this Christmas season with unprecedented joy!
  24. I have freely received, therefore I will freely give – radically and sacrificially like my Father, knowing every display of love changes the world.
  25. I am someone who releases radical love, joy, and peace, in my neighborhood, city, and region!
  26. Everywhere my foot treads people have encounters with King Jesus!
  27. I have an unusual ability to make others feel supernaturally loved and celebrated this Christmas.
  28. I reveal the Father’s love this Christmas more than ever before.
  29. I walk in even greater abundance in my finances during Christmas and I have more than enough to bless those around me.
  30. During the Christmas season, I am becoming even more healthy. I make good decisions regarding my health during Christmas.
  31. I walk in and carry unspeakable peace during the holiday season.
  32. My family and I are captivated by God’s presence and celebrating Him is our main focus this Christmas season.
  33. Everyone in my family who isn’t currently walking with God will have a life-changing encounter with Him this Christmas and will come to know Him.
  34. I am focused on what I can give, not what I can get this Christmas.
  35. I model the Father’s love well and represent Jesus with excellence through serving others and keeping my love “on.”

Declarations written by: Melissa Amatto, Steve Backlund, Megan Cotton, Jared Cullop, Darlene Fussle, Julie Heth, Julie Mustard, Emma Nainby, and Heidi O’Brien.

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