This year’s Thurrock Art Trail is bigger and better than last year’s with more venues and artists taking part in this opportunity to celebrate creativity and show art in all it’s various forms of expression.

Thurrock’s church is playing a big part in this:

  • Grays Parish Church is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the Thurrock Art Society, 3-7 June.
  • The Thurrock Society for Artists with Disablities. are exhibiting at Grays Methodist Church, 13-16 June.
  • The Stanford and Corringham Boiler Rooms are holding their annual CREATE art shows at both venues on 8 June.

And among all the various shows will be art by artists from the local church community. For instance, four of the eight artists showing at the intriquingly named Subjects To Be Destroyed?! exhibition of contemporary art at Purfleet’s High House Barns are believers.

We encourage you to support this – follow the trail around the borough! Pray in every venue! It’s an aspect of the transformation of the borough, the healing of the land, because creativity redeems something of the Creator’s imprint in every created creation.

Please see below for more details and map. The leaflet and poster for the Thurrock Art Trail can be downloaded using the link to the left of this screen. See also the previous article about the Art Trail for the CREATE poster.

For further information about venues and artists, please see

Someone posted a note through my door the other day informing me that I had an Illuminati symbol in my window – i.e., the Thurrock Art Trail poster. No, it’s just the iconic pylon from down by the river photographed from a low angle, with an artist whose head is an eye as a metaphor for creative vision. The eye is also the logo of the Thurrock (contemporary) Arts group. Nothing to get paranoid or superstitious about! Please bless this enterprise and pray for it. Thank you. Tim

Art Trail list 1
Art Trail list 2
Art Trail list 3

Art Trail list 4

Art Trail map