Here are some stories of the difference these devices are making to peoples lives #LetsTalkLoneliness

Receiving the Fire Tablet has helped to improve my life, before I had the Fire Tablet I had a old computer that didn’t have a camera. When TB Mind would call for my wellbeing check, Jess often spoke about the Zoom sessions she hosted and I felt like I was missing out. I was unable to access the Zoom sessions and was feeling isolated. The Fire Tablet has enabled me to join the Wellbeing Group and socially interact with other people. I join the groups 3 times a week now and it has helped me to get a routine in place where I know I will be on Zoom at 12.

I live alone and with lockdown restricting my opportunities to get out the Fire Tablet has helped me to access a world online. I have been using the Fire Tablet to access the local library services – this has helped improve my mental health as I can look forward to reading autobiographies.

I have enjoyed accessing different websites on the Fire Tablet and as a ex professional photographer researching local areas to photograph.

I live alone and was really missing my work in the local charity shop during lockdown. I don’t have a dvd player and was feeling really low when I had just my tv to watch. When I was gifted the Fire Tablet it opened up my world. I was able to access the Zoom sessions at TB Mind – recently listening to the Paralympian Danny Crates give a really motivational talk. I wouldn’t have been able to listen to this before.

The Zoom sessions make me laugh, it is good to see other faces. I have really missed seeing people. On days when I feel down, the Zoom sessions help to lift my mood. Thank you so much for this gift.