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Transformation Thurrock has had links with Peter Farmer and

Ben Taylor of

Newforms Resources 

and Mission Britian since September 2011 when Tim Harrold met them at an event called Moggerhanger Millennials at Mogghanger Park stately home near Bedford (William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect were regular visitors in their day).

Peter came to Thurrock in 2012, and Ben led some training in 2013. It has long been TT’s dream to see some of this stuff realised through mission in some of the poorer communities of the borough. This stuff also complements the supernatural gifts released through the recent Firestarter Training programme across Thurrock.

This is all taking time because, first, Father is converting converts into discipling disciplesHe’s putting sinews and flesh on the bones… and blowing his breath into the Body!

Tim has attended two previous Newforms’ national gatherings, in 2012 and 2013, when the guest speakers were Alan Hirsch and Steve Addison respectively. (Steve will be in Thurrock on 2/3 October – see link.) Last year, their guest speaker was Neil Cole (the event coincided with Rolland Baker being in Grays, however).

These events are equipping, provoking, forward-looking, as this movement seeks to lay apostolic and prophetic foundations for the church of the immediate future, a new wineskin for new wine which is closer to the original New Testament model as described in Acts, and yet which savours and preserves old wine and the old wineskins (just as Jesus directed).

So this gathering is suitable for believers of all expressions, traditions and denominations – because at its heart is the essential command of Christ to his disciples to “go and make disciples”. Their inspiration are such as Fox, Wesley and Boothe, who brought good new to the poor, the impoverished, the grassroots of our society.

For 2015, when the event takes place at Whitemoor Lakes, Lichfield, Alan Hirsch returns. He comes highly recommended. His book The Forgotten Ways is essential reading and has been reveiwed elsewhere on this website (see link). The theme for 2015 is TRIBAL MISSION.

“The Newforms Gathering has become one of Europe’s most innovative, interactive and pioneering conferences. Bring your team and be part of something bigger: Tribal Mission.”

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