explosion 159BAround 30 folk from across the borough gathered at TCF’s All Saints Centre in John Street, Grays, this evening (Saturday 15 September) for two hours of worship.

Led by Neil Frost (guitar and vocals), the band consited of his wife Laura (vocals) and their son Adam (drums), James Gensberg (bass), Mark Wenn (guitar) and Harry “H” Hoyte (vocals).

People from a number of fellowships were present, including Chafford Hundred Community Church, Grays Baptist Church, Aveley Christian Centre, Thurrock’s church-in-the-house, and some of the various Mission Shaped Communities that go to make up Thurrock Christian Felowship based in Grays, Tilbury and Corringham.

Neil says, “We belive eXplosion provides a new space to worship God.”

On the eXposion website, Neil explains further: “We believe that a there is a hunger to know and experience the love of God even more through worship, which in turn helps to equip the believer to go out into the world full of the Holy Spirit and share that love.

“The mission of eXplosion is to provide a different place and space to worship God through the primary medium of music. To provide a place of refreshing and encouragement where one can gain a deeper relationship with God and strengthen their faith.”

explosion 159The theme of the evening was “There is power in the name of Jesus”. Neil quoted from Psalm 107:14 –

He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.

For more information, please see www.explosionworship.com.