by Tim Harrold

After the Prayer for Thurrock was read out at the Transformation Thurrock Charity Breakfast Celebration on Saturday 13 May 2017, delegates aorund each table prayed and discussed the conents and challenges that the prayer presents. Please see the prayer at the post linked on the left of this screen.

There were around 40 delegates sat at 8 tables,

TT launch 1Table 1

• Psalm 46:4-5
There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.
• More love!
• Jesus be the centre

Table 2

Thanks for:
• Tim’s starting vision
• Where vision has been caught
• People of Thurrock
• Unity
• Initiatives e.g., Bar’N’Bus, Thurrock Leaders’ Prayer
Need more of:
• Unity
• Revelation
• Hearing God’s voice and direction
• Awakening
• Intercession and prayer
• See fulfilment of God’s purpose
• Pray for strength and not give up
• Reach more people outside the church
• Take it outside Thurrock

Table 3

1. An increased unity amongst some of the church leaders
• Unity to increase at every level
2. ‘Church Of His Presence’ – a well reopened
3. TT has lasted, and is growing
• God will release resources to achieve purpose
• God will impart heavenly wisdom to achieve purpose
• Faith and stamina
4. An increased understanding and perception of who Father has created us to be


TT launch 5Table 4

• Give thanks for last 10 years
• Pour out the Holy Spirit
• Raise up intercessors
• Wake up church!
• Increase our love for God
• Serve the community

Table 5

What we need more of:
• Grassroots prayer
• One body in Christ
• Heart for where you are

Table 6

• Burn the vision
• Un-stop our dull ears
• Appreciate the openness of Thurrock
• Let Your will be done in our lives
•’Faith without works is dead
• We need to be pointers to Jesus

Table 7

Youth of Thurrock
• They need us – we need them
Mental health
• Anxiety
• Depression

Table 8

• Churches of Thurrock acting together
• More different kinds of people and churches
• Vision of flooded fences (divisions disappear and become irrelevant when inundated)
• Want to see more impact on people’s lives
• Miracles