gsuslz7colorIt’s not long now until the GSUS LIVE unit packs up for the last time next Friday and rolls out of the gates of Harris Academy, away from the borough’s secondary schools, and away from Thurrock for another 3 or 4 years – or maybe even forever…

But what’s different about this the 2012 vintage of GSUS LIVE is that it’s going to leave a legacy.

The new wine is going to be poured into new wineskins!

The unit may make its way to wherever it’s going next in the UK, but GSUS LIVE is going to be followed up with the GSUS LIVE After Party! This takes place at the Civic Hall in Grays at 7pm on Friday 2 November.

The GSUS LIVE Core Team have unaminously agreed to do away with the £5 charge and GIVE AWAY TICKETS FOR FREE!

And invited back after their triumph at last year’s Rock Thurrock youth events is LZ7! The band have a unique brand of communication that hits the young people ‘where they’re at’, and it’s fully expected that the message of Jesus will be told to all the young people attending – and they will be given the choice to explore that message more.

We still need the following help:

  • we still need stewards … 8 so far, 8-10 more required – PLEASE ASK YOUR CHURCHES!
  • we still need roadies … 2 so far, 2-4 still needed – PLEASE ASK YOUR CHURCHES!
  • if your part of the counselling team last year and want to be part of this event, please contact us!
  • we still need to raise more money to cover the cost of hosting LZ7 and the PA equipment and crew – see linked article on left on how to do that – why not consider sponsoring some young people to go? (Thanks to those churches and individuals who have already given.)
  • we still need your prayers to see us through – and to see young people come through into the Kingdom! (Please come to tomorrow night’s prayer meet at Chafford Hundred Community Church offices.)

For any of the above, please contact Tim at the GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 office on 07 929 878 089 or

Please also pray…

  • that all 750 tickets for the GSUS LIVE After Party are taken up
  • that all 750 young people who take up tickets for the GSUS LIVE After Party actually come
  • for young people to to take advantage of the FREE tickets now on offer in all 6 schools GSUS LIVE has visited
  • for a fair means of distribution of the tickets in each of those 6 schools
  • that the GSUS LIVE team remain united, on task, and in faith – we’re under attack!
  • that the follow-up is efficient on the night of the After Party and effective thereafter (see below)
  • for GSUS LIVE to open new doors (or push them even wider, if already open) in the local secondary schools

So what’s next?

IMG3551Following the GSUS LIVE After Party, special materials produced by LZ7 (left) will be used in some of the schools visited by GSUS LIVE to begin to disciple young people into faith in Christ. For this to happen, favour is needed in the schools to set up lunchtime or after school ‘clubs’.

Those on the GSUS LIVE Core Team are convinced this is a strategy given by the King to bring his Kingdom near to the young generation where they’re at – in their schools. And from that, into their neighbourhoods and communities.

Jesus commanded his disciples to “go and make disciples” – he also said, “I will build my church”.

So, we disciple disciples who disciple disciples – and he builds the church! “Simples!”