GL Hass 1
Last Friday (21 September), the GSUS LIVE unit moved from The Grays School Media Arts College across the borough to Hassenbrook Academy in Stanford-le-Hope.

A cab from Stobarts did the move swiftly and efficiently. The GSUS LIVE Technical Team, made up of volunteers mainly from St Cedds in Stifford Clays, set up the unit, balancing it and extending the pod on the side.

The GSUS LIVE Stanford team, headed by Rob Groves and Caroline Smith, began taking lessons on Monday.

“Apart from a few technical glitches – like the diesel running out and a couple of computers crashing, and even some tree surgeons working behind the unit during a lesson – it’s all gone very well,” Rob reports. “Team members who at the start of the week were nervous about the whole thing soon found their confidence. Even John Guest’s had a go at presenting!”

GL Hass 3This is the fourth time GSUS LIVE has gone to Hassenbrook. The unit moves again this coming Friday (28 September) to its next port of call, the Gateway Academy, situated between Chadwell St Mary and Tilbury.

On Friday evening (28 September), there will be a GSUS LIVE Prayer Gathering for the Gateway week at the TCF’s All Saints Centre in John Street, Grays, in the ‘Upper Room’ over the porch. This will be led by the team leader for Gateway, Andy Blakey.

If you’re a team member for next week, or passionate about seeing young people become disciples of Jesus, please come – it’s important!