PICT0199The schoolroom-on-the-back-of-a-lorry makes its fourth visit to the borough in the first half-term of the school year after the summer holidays.

GSUS LIVE has previously been to Thurrock in 2002, 2005 and 2008. Now it’s set to return and bring the Message of Christ to a whole new generation of students in out local secondary schools.

For those who don’t know, the GSUS LIVE trailer consists of an extending unit containing 16 computers, each of which two students can sit at. They go through an RE presentation about three young fictional people – one has an issue with forgiveness; another, rejection; and the third, fear. Through the use of scriptures, film excerpts, contemporary music and the opinions of famous believers, the students are invited to offer ‘advice’ to their fictional ‘friends’ from a series of choices. Everything the students do is printed off at the end of the session so it can be followed up in another RE or gsuslive2Humanities lesson. See www.gsuslive.co.uk for more details.

This unique ministry comes totally free to the area and is supplied by Counties, a century-old evangelistic society dedicated to communicating the Gospel of Jesus, especially in this age of Biblical ignorance and current societal pluralism and so-called post-modernist viewpoint. GSUS LIVE points young people towards an absolute, a moral compass and a certain anchor point that they may not have ever encountered personally nor even heard of and considered as a viable alternative lifestyle.

Currently, the programme for the Autumn looks like this:

GSUS LIVE 2012 jpeg

We hope to fill the gaps by inviting schools from other nearby areas to take advantage of GSUS LIVE being in their vicinity.

Why haven’t these gaps been filled by Thurrock’s schools? Because, for various reasons, they are not able to host or do not want GSUS LIVE.

GSUS LIVE is a project that exists for the church of an area to serve their community in unity. So anyone from any church is free to get involved.

What’s needed…

  • a GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 Core Team who will help make this happen
  • a GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 Presenters’ Team who will present the sessions at each of the secondary schools visited
  • a GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 Technical Team who will help pack-down and put-up the unit on each Friday evening of the project

GSUS Live logoTraining will be provided and is mandatory for all volunteers!

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Tim Harrold on tim@transformationthurrock or 07 929 878 089.