gsuslive2The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is being taken into seven of Thurrock’s secondary schools through the unique mission of GSUS LIVE.

GSUS LIVE – a mobile classroom featuring an interactive RE programme covering the three topics of Fear, Rejection and Forgiveness – has so far visited William Edwards School in Stifford Clays and St Clere’s School in Stanford-le-Hope.

This week GSUS LIVE is at The Chafford Hundred Campus.

Main facilitator Steve Morley of West Thurrock Chapel and a Counties’ Evangelist, says, “Over a thousand children have attended already to universal approval from them and staff. Extra classes have been timetabled to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Steve says that the project has so far been a success, with next to no negative behaviour and no major technical problems.

Students get to work in pairs at computers which take them through one of three life situations as seen through the eyes of three fictitious young people. The students are shown clips from the Christian animation The Miracle Maker, a Christian music video, a ‘vox pop’ Bible reading, and relevant quotes from famous people in recent history. From all this, the students are invited to send informed advice to their chosen character. All their responses are printed out for later use in follow-up lessons.

The most popular characters chosen are Jack, who is being bullied at school and suffering from rejection; and Kylie, who is fearful for her best friend who is seriously ill. Maybe this says something about the young people of Thurrock.

Volunteer presenters from local churches – including 19 year old Hannah Lawton – welcome the students onto the unit, introduce them to the programme, and then bring the lesson to a conclusion at the end, taking any questions that arise.

No wonder then, during the first week, one student said, “This is the best lesson I’ve ever been to!”

Next week, GSUS LIVE goes to Gable Hall in Corringham; then onto The Grays School Media arts College, Hassenbrook and finally Treetops at their new location in Woodside.
Steve Morley says that the unity has already been invited back for ‘next time’, adding “Please pray for a ‘champion’ to head this up!”

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