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2012 Timetable

GL Timetable 2012

Please pray for…

The Core Team

  • Andy Blakey – Thurrock Christian Fellowship’s “Seabrooke-All Saints” Mission Shaped Community, Grays; & Rock Thurrock
  • Rob Groves – Fresh Hope Community, Stanford-le-Hope & Community Evangelist
  • Tim Harrold – church-in-the-house + Transformation Thurrock & Rock Thurrock
  • Maria Levy – Chafford Hundred Community Church & Pray For Schools
  • Edwin Hughes – Grays Baptist Church + Besom & Rock Thurrock
  • Andy Higgs – Stifford Parish Rector; was on previous GSUS LIVE Core Teams
  • Caroline Smith – Fresh Hope Community, Stanford-le-Hope & Rock Thurrock

with support from:

  • Colin Baker – pastor, Grays Baptist Church; chair of Transformation Thurrock & Rock Thurrock
  • Roy Edworthy – church-in-the-house, Besom + Foodbank & Rock Thurrock
  • Steve Morris – Chafford Hundred Community Church Youth Leader
  • Steve Parry – GSUS LIVE National Co-ordinator
  • Kevin Baldwin – GSUS LIVE Teams’ Trainer for Saturday 8 September

Schools, Contact Teachers, Site Managers + the GSUS LIVE Reps for each school

  • good communications
  • preparedness

The Students

  • Each young person in each class of each school experiencing the GSUS LIVE lesson
  • The presenters presenting the GSUS LIVE sessions
  • The gospel of Christ contained in the material to permeate into lives
  • Interesting questions to be asked at the end


  • Health and Safety of presenters, technical crew, teachers and students
  • Security of the unit –
    • when not in use and left overnight in school car parks
    • during week 17-21 Sept. when unit unused and parked-up at Grays School
  • Electrics, computers and onboard generator
  • The smooth moving of unit between schools on Friday evenings
  • Manoeuvring and parking unit on schools’ premises

GL Sch Reps

The Presenting Team

  • To find out who is presenting at your nearest school, and for specific prayer requests for that team, please contact the GSUS LIVE rep (see table above)
  • Generally – anointing, confidence, clarity
  • Having the answers for the students’ questions
  • Being able to deal with any technical problems with the computers
  • Punctuality and remembering to be at post at allotted times!
  • General health and safety at home and while travelling
  • Sense of team – unity, camaraderie and enjoyment while involved

The Technical Crew

  • Small made up of volunteers with engineering-related backgrounds
  • Efficiency of Friday evening packing-down and setting-up of unit
  • Witness to and communication with:
  • lorry drivers from Stobarts who moves unit
  • site managers of host schools
  • Sense of team, unity, camaraderie and enjoyment while involved

The GSUS LIVE After-Party, 2 November 2012 at The Civic Hall, Grays

  • Featuring the band LZ7, who visited local secondary schools and performed at Rock Thurrock in 2012
  • 750 tickets at £5 each being made available to young people visiting GSUS LIVE
  • After-Party will include gospel message; challenge to follow Jesus; and invitation to follow-up lunchtime or after-school ‘clubs’ in schools visited by GSUS LIVE
  • Vision is that from these seeds will grow clusters of young disciples who affect their friends, families, neighbours and communities – the transformation of Thurrock

Other Youth & Schools Work in Thurrock

  • Bar’N’Bus
    • Interchurch teams at:
      • Grays Beach – Tuesday night
      • West Thurrock – Wednesday night
      • Corringham Town Centre – Thursday night
  • Schools Workers
    • Various, but particularly:
      • Stanford 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room running cafe in Gable Hall
      • Chafford Hundred Community Church’s work with Harris Academy
      • Rev John Guest, Chaplain at Palmers College
  • Pray For Schools
    • A number of local primary and secondary schools have prayer groups run by parents, teachers and those with a passion for young people and education. Pray every school and college in Thurrock is prayed for. See
  • Prayer Spaces in Schools
    • Introducing children and young people to a creative concept of prayer through interactive spaces. Developed by 24-7 Prayer to be part of the curriculum, a number of Thurrock’s primary and secondary schools have hosted prayer spaces. Pray for this project. See


What is GSUS LIVE?

  • GSUS LIVE is a mobile classroom with a fully functioning multimedia computer suite as the core of the hardware.
  • A class of up to 32 students get to use 16 computers.
  • The unit is the size of an articulated lorry trailer with an extending side-pod.

How is GSUS LIVE run?

  • GSUS LIVE is a free resource from Counties (, an evangelistic organisation – it is  provided free to the local church and free to the schools it visits.
  • There are two GSUS LIVE units, both in constant demand across the nation.
  • The project was developed and continues to run thanks to legacies left by Christian philanthropists.
  • The units are carried around the country by trucks from Eddie Stobart.

What happens when GSUS LIVE comes to a school?

  • Schools are invited to adjust their timetables so that as many classes as possible can visit the GSUS LIVE unit for lessons. The lessons are presented by volunteers from local churches.

What is the content of the presentation?

  • The lesson is designed to fit in with the national Key Stage 3 Religious Education curriculum.
  • Students are shown an opening 3D video on a big screen and are then instructed on how to use the interactive programmes.
  • The content consists of a choice of following one of three fictitious but topically relevant stories of young people who face challenging circumstances around the themes of Forgiveness, Fear, and Rejection. Students get to investigate Jesus’ teachings on these themes through a variety of media sources (films, music, audio and written), and making choices on the way on how they might help and advise their virtual characters. See
  • Printouts of the students’ work are made available at the end of each session for use in further lessons. The presenters engage in some dialogues with the students and answer any questions.

Has GSUS LIVE been to Thurrock before and visited the same schools?

  • GSUS LIVE has previously visited the borough in 2002, 2005 and 2008. Thousands of young people have been exposed to the gospel of Jesus through these visits over a decade.
  • Every secondary school in the borough – apart from Grays Convent (for logistical reasons) – has been visited by GSUS LIVE during this time. Other than those being visited this time round, they include:
    • Gable Hall, Corringham
    • Ockendon School (as part of a Brentwood visit)
    • Ormiston Park Academy (as Aveley School)
    • William Edwards, Stifford Clays