Ignition 1from Tim Harrold

On Saturday 2 July, 50 people assembled at the Church Of His Presence in the centre of Grays for the Ignition Supernatural Evangelism training day.

People were present from a variety of fellowships across the borough, along with two ladies from Ramsgate in Kent.

The day began with a welcome from Pastor Niyi Olujobi (top right) and a time of exuberant worship from the fantastic COHP band and singers.

Then Alan Cass (middle right), of Eastgate Church in Ebbsfleet, Kent, led a session of training in the following three supernatural evangelistic disciplines:

  • Treasure Hunting – using ‘clues’ given through prayer in prophetic evangelism
  • Street Healing – using words of knowledge to pray for people
  • Spiritual Readings – using picture cards for bringing words of encouragement and healing

For the third of these, Jan Blakey and Vera Harrold (bottom right) gave testimonies of how the picture cards have allowed them to pray for and speak into the lives of many people.

Ignition 2After lunch and a short time of focus on God during which the Holy Spirit gave people his clues for their Treasure Hunting, everyone went out onto the streets of Grays to put into action what they’d learned.

Some people took their five sets of Tresure Hunting clues – appearances, names, locations, needs and any unusual things – out into the Shopping Centre or into the library or up to the railway and bus stations, while others gathered around a hastily erected Spiritual Readings table, with the picture cards on it, in the market area in the High Street.

After an hour, everyone returned to the COHP to report back. Some of the stories were amazing…

  • one couple of ladies prayed with a group of youths who said, “Are we your treasure?”
  • one lady said she’d brought someone to faith
  • one lady explained how she’d prophecied to a few people using the cards and was amazed
  • her friend testified that the first lady had been ‘on fire’ and that the ‘words just poured out of her’
  • one man got to pray with a young man who was possibly drunk or stoned
  • a lady and her children (oldest 7) told how they’d talked with an elderly lady who was looking for ‘friendship’ – one of their clues – and the kids were able to give her a big hug

Ignition 3At the end, there was a call for people to join local Ignition teams at the following community events and continuing mission:

  • Village Beach Arts Festival (at which Transformation Thurrock has a stall)
    • Saturday 16 July, Grays Beach
  • Big Lunch (at which Transformation Thurrock has a stall)
    • Tuesday 26 July, Grays Park
  • Grays High Street Mission
    • every 3rd Saturday of the month, looking to increase
    • in collaboration with New Covenant Church, Grays, who have a gazebo

If you’d like to join any of these teams, please get in touch with the Transformation Thurrock office and we’ll sort something out!

Andy Blakey gave a quick plug for packs of 120 Spiritual Readings’ Picture Cards for just £5 each. Again, contact the Transformation Thurrock office.

Transformation Thurrock office: tim@transformationthurrock.com

The day closed with a prayer from COHP Elder Wale Adeyemi.

With thanks to Alan Cass, Niyi Olujobi, Lesley and the Worship Team, Jan Blakey, Vera Harrold, all the ladies who testified, Wale Adeyemi, Andy Blakey, Angel for her prayers, and to COHP for their generous hospitality.