by Tim Harrold

20091024027Joining The Dots is the the roadshow of the National Day of Prayer & Worship.

For the past two years, Joining The Dots (JTD) has been travelling around the nation, bringing together the church of each area to pray in unity and thereby literally ‘joining the dots’ of prayer up and down the British Isles.

This coming November, JTD is coming to Thurrock.

The event will be lead by Dr Jonathan Oloyede, who is no stranger to our borough. I first met him at a leaders’ prayer gathering in Havering in late 2008 and was immediately impressed by his statement that, “All God is saying is prayer and unity”.

Jonathan spoke soon afterwards at RCCG Spring of Life, then in Bridge Road, Grays, and from this he was asked to lead the afternoon session at the Thurrock Day of Prayer, held in October 2009 (see photos). Some 300 people attended!

20091024061 - Copy-1Since then Jonathan has been back to the borough on a number of occasions, including the Rock Thurrock Launch Breakfast in March 2011 and the More Than Gold Olympic Thurrock Prayer Breakfast in 2012. Of course, many of you will have been to the Global Day of Prayer London events at Millwall and West Ham in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and the National Day of Prayer & Worship at Wembley in September 2012. I worked with GDOP London on the M25 Nutcracker Prayer 24-7s of 2009 and 2010.

The vision of JTW is simply this:

1. To Pray into God’s plans and purposes for the British Isles

2. To foster deeper Unity

3. To see Spiritual and social Transformation within these Isles

JTD is inspired by the prophetic picture that Jean Darnall had in the 60s of small fires across Britain, which she saw coming together in one conflagration (see below).

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So, please make a date in your diary… Here are provisional details:



Jonathan Oloyede

Saturday 8 November
Chadwell Evangelical Church
(hosted by Community Church Life Group)

5.30 for 6pm start – Leaders’ Reception
7.30-9.30pm Prayer Gathering

Defoe Parade, Chadwell St Mary, RM16 4QR
Parking for 12-15 cars on site, and another 8 or so in the road, the rest round the corner in a car park

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Excerpts from Revival: With The Vision Of Jean Darnall
from Revival, Including the Prophetic Vision of Jean Darnall (New Dawn Books, 1993) by Hugh Black

… what I saw was the British Isles, as in a bird’s eye view. A kind of haze was over the whole, like a green fog. And then little pinpricks of light began to appear from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then the Lord seemed to draw me closer to these lights, and I saw that they were fires that were burning. They were multiplying from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then I saw lightening come and strike those fires, the brightest spots particularly, and there was a kind of explosion, and rivers of fire flowed down. Again, the sense of direction was from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. But some of those rivers of fire didn’t stop there. They went right across the Channel and didn’t stop there. They went right across the Channel and spread out into the Continent…

… The Lord impressed it on my Heart that those fires I saw were groups of people whom He would make intensely hungry for New Testament Christianity. They would start reading their Bibles and saying, for instance, as they read the book of Acts, ‘Well, where is this happy church? Where are these people so full of the power of the Holy Spirit? Where are these miracles? Where is this growth, this vitality, this courage, this boldness that these people had? Is that for today – can we have it today? Should the church be this way?’

And as these questions were being planted in their hearts, the Lord Jesus said He would make them very hungry for the Holy Spirit; He would fill them with the Holy Spirit, and out of those gifts would flow ministries that would enrich the Body of Christ. The whole concept of the Body of Christ would come alive, and barriers between denominations and different types of Christians would break down as people met each other. The Lord said He would move these people all over the country. After he had taught them gifts, he would move them to another place where they would carry that fire, and where they would meet others also who were being renewed by the Holy Spirit. He would put them in different situations from what they were used to, so that they would get to know people of other denominations, other cultures and other classes, and be able to communicate to them the blessings that the Lord had given them. And then He told me that during that time He would also test them. There would be great testing of faith, great waiting times. He would teach them spiritual warfare. He would show them the meaning of the power of the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Vision as recounted in another source:


“Suddenly a vision appeared within my mind.  It had come twice before.  I saw the British Isles glistening like a clump of jade in the grey seas surrounding them.  Looking down I saw Scotland, England, Wales, and to the north-west, Ireland.  The treetops upon the hills and the clustered clouds hid the people.  Suddenly small flickering fires appeared.  They were scattered over the isles.  I came closer to the land.  The light was fire light.  These were fires burning from the top of Scotland to Land’s End on the tip of Cornwall.  Lightening streaked downward from the sky above me.  I saw it touch down with flashing swiftness, exploding each of the fires into streams of light.  Like lava they burned their fiery path downward from the top of Scotland to Land’s End.  The waters did not stop this, but the fires spread across the seas to Ireland and to Europe.”

“Lord, this is the third time you’ve shown me this vision during prayer.  Could you give me the meaning of it?” I asked, deeply moved by the Holy Spirit.  He revealed to me that the small fires were groups of earnest, hungry people who were being drawn together by the Holy Spirit to study their Bibles and to pray for a visitation of the Holy Spirit.  The words ‘pockets of power’ were impressed upon my mind.  “I’m empowering them by my Holy Spirit and I’m teaching them by my Spirit about my gifts.  They are being led by my Spirit to repentance, reconciliation and a deeper relationship with the body of Christ.  These people are meeting in homes and churches – I’m not leading them out of their relationships in the home and in the church, but into a deeper involvement in both.  They are to bring renewal, new life, in preparation for what is to come.”

“What is to come, Lord”, I asked, wondering why he should show this to me.

“I will penetrate the darkness with a visitation of my power.  With lightening swiftness I will release the power of my Spirit through a renewed people who have learned to be led of the Spirit.  They will explode with a swiftness that will touch every part of the society of Britain.  I am strategically placing them to touch the farms, villages, towns and cities.  No one will be without a witness, whether they be children  in the schools, farmers in the fields, workers in the factories and docks, students in the universities and colleges, the media, the press, the arts or government.  All will be profoundly moved and those who are changed by my power will alter the destiny of the nation.”

“And the streams of fire into Europe, Lord?”  My mind seemed to see an army of all types of people moving into the continent with a compassionate ministry.  This ministry was not mass meetings, led by powerful personalities, preaching to spectators, but participating, caring communities involved with one another at grass roots level, sharing the love of God everywhere.

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