Some of the other contributions at last Sunday’s Pentecost: Power to the People! event (25.5.15)

Pent 2Jimi Fawehinmi (right) of New Covenant Church, Grays, performed a short solo Drama Message that he has carried with him throughout his Christian life. The scene was a driver in his car. He explained the meaning of the piece and his motvation afterwards:

  • Life is a “Marathon Journey” for all, full of Valley and Mountain experiences.
  • Wherever we are at the Moment, God is on Our side. Just make sure you are on his Side.
  • Drama is a powerful medium and opportunity to chronicle Life through the eyes of God and Man. Drama is the Gospel being seen and heard.

Frank Gaisie, pastor at Destiny Chapel in South Ockendon, who also led the worship at the event, gave a few words, the gist of which were:

  • God is stirring our hearts
  • We stand at a strategic place of something great that God is doing in Thurrock
  • As we respond to this stirring, we become agents of transformation in our day – like Queen Esther and the disciples of Jesus in their day

Edwin Hughes (below right) of Grays Baptist Church, ‘ordinary hero’ who was the originator of the vision for Rock Thurrock in 2011, received the following picture from God during the time of prayer:

Whilst going round the room to pray for the various points posted on the wall, my eyes felt continually drawn to a small little poster on the wall that was part of the fabric of the building which was there before we even entered. It just had one word printed on it: “PEBBLES”.

I had been led not to pray during this time but just to listen.

The feeling I had was that sometimes we speak too much and fail to listen, so I was just convicted to wander and try to listen to what God wanted to say about the things that had already been spoken about.

As hard as I tried to focus on those points posted on the prayer walls, my eyes were continually being drawn back to this word “PEBBLES” on the wall. So in the end I just asked God why – and listened for his reply.

I felt the Lord saying that all things which had been spoken about and put forward were like pebbles being thrown into the water. They would have an impact but that it would take time for them to become fully  – the ripples caused by the pebbles on the water.

The Ripples indicated that it would take time for them to be fully established and running smoothly. The Ripples indicated that it would be a rough ride but as like the ripples as the get further from the impact they smooth out and so would these things also become smoother.

I was reminded of the Rock Thurrock event that we put on and the original vision God had given me. I was reminded that after receiving the vision it took two years before an opportunity that matched it came before me and another year before that opportunity become a concrete proposal, then a further
year before it became reality.

I felt God saying that if we truly believe these ides have come from him then they will be established, but that it may be a journey that we have to travel and we have to trust in his timing and to remain vigilant, and look for the opportunities he provides to bring them into reality.

Pent 3As always I look to the Bible to try and seek confirmation and the only mention of the word Pebbles is in Psalm 147:15-18:

He sends his command to the earth;
his word runs swiftly.
He spreads the snow like wool
and scatters the frost like ashes.
He hurls down his hail like pebbles.
Who can withstand his icy blast?
He sends his word and melts them;
he stirs up his breezes, and the waters flow.

God’ pebbles are cast and nothing can stand against them, but his word melts them and the waters flow.

I feel like he may have been saying last Sunday that if we are confident that the pebbles we are casting are from him, then nothing can withstand them – and the waters will eventually flow.