Bob Pent 1The presentation given by Rev. Bob Love at Pentecost: Power to the People! at St Cedd’s, Stifford Clays, on Sunday 25 July 2015.

I commented a little on Acts 2 – the first Pentecost – where God is fulfilling prophecy.

I was encouraged by Peter’s comments on the Joel prophecy and I was inspired with “old men dreaming dreams” – as an older man, I have dreams!

Dreams that are birthed in God’s love and concern for his people.

God is always wanting transformation.

A people who are reflecting His son – and that goes for his people today. We are called to be a transforming people who bring in His justice and mercy.
Dreams that are not impossible are just dreams where “I” is at the centre. But dreams that are only “Him” possible – they are dreams where God is.

We are to be the head, not the tail, and certainly when it comes to the use of God-given talents and treasures.

I shared about encouraging meetings in our local hub meeting in Stifford Clays in which we are encouraged to look at the possibility of St.Cedd’s buildings and site to be developed into multi-purpose buildings. This could include social housing, with a place of worship at its heart. This type of use of our building and site may be an opportunity or model for the Church in Thurrock.

This could bring affordable housing for people in our area as well as the opportunity to develop practical skills and apprenticeships for our young. This could galvanise services that serve our communities.

I shared the work of one Christian-based organisation called Green Pastures who have made great inroads in building and rehousing people. Why can’t we do this? See here for a video:

I then shared about dreaming of a Faith Bank – after all, we have Foodbanks, so why not a Faith Bank?

A bank modelled on Green Pastures which could give up to 5% interest. I wanted us to dream where we would purchases houses together, new or in need of renovation, in which we could develop workforces using local people to help build or renovate the properties.

The return could be up to 5% for investors – not the piddly amount many are getting through the street banks like Barclays etc., who sadly don’t have a great track record.

It’s time for God’s people to become a prophetic people who use God’s given treasures and skills to make a transformational difference and leave a legacy for our children’s children.