A decade since the Millennium!

A decade since zillions got scared that the Millennium Bug would cause all the computers in all the world would crash. A decade since we spotted the Queen waving at us (and none of the zillions of others) as she was driven round the back of Southwark Cathedral on her way to the Dome. A decade since we stood in the freezing cold with a zillion others on the South Bank straining with our little son to see the fireworks. A decade since we spent much of the night trudging back to Liverpool Street with a zillion others because they closed the Tube, even though they said they wouldn’t. A decade since…

So what’s the start of the twenty-teens got in store for us?

Well, here’s some key dates for your diary of events that reflect the ethos of Transformation Thurrock…

Thursday 7 – Grays Leaders’ Day of Prayer & Fasting at The Old Tennis Court, Grays
Sunday 17 –  Sunday 24 January – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – various events (tba)
Saturday 23 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer at Grays Methodist Church
Saturday 30 – Thames Gateway Prayernet at Woolwich Ferry

Saturday 20 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba

Saturday 20 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba
Saturday 27 – Thames Gateway Prayernet at Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Saturday 17 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba
Saturday 24 – Thames Gateway Prayernet at Bradwell-on-Sea (tbc)

Sunday 23 (Pentecost Sunday) – GDOP Thurrock – venue tbc
Sunday 23 – Sunday 30 – GDOP M25 Nutcracker 24-7 Prayer Week – Thurrock prayer room(s) tba
Saturday 29 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer at Nutcracker prayer room
Sunday 30 – GDOP London’s National Day of Prayer at Upton Park, West Ham

JuneLogo for print
Saturday 12 – Thames Gateway Prayernet at Tower Bridge/Tower of London
Saturday 26 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer Breakfast (tbc)

Saturday 24 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba


Saturday 18 or 25 (tbc) – Thames Gateway Prayernet Voyage from Gravesend to Westminster on Princess Pocahontas (Transformation Thurrock Prayer will join in with this)

schoolsprayerLogo for printOctober
Saturday 2 – Thurrock & Havering Schools’ Prayer Day at Aveley Methodist Church (tbc)
Saturday 16 – Thurrock Day of Prayer at Hassenbrook School (venue tbc)

Saturday 13  – Thames Gateway Prayernet at London 2012 Olympic site, Stratford (tbc)
Saturday 20 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba

Saturday 18 – Transformation Thurrock Prayer – venue tba

Regular weekly prayer events for ministers and leaders:
Grays Leaders’ Prayer – Thursdays 8.30-9.30am (except every second week of he month- prayer breakfast on Fridays 8-10am) at various venues
East Thurrock Prayer – Tuesdays 7-8am at St Margaret’s Parish Church, Stanford-le-Hope

Open to all:
Weekly 24-1 at the Stanford Boiler Room (Friday 1pm to Saturday 1pm)

Of course, this is just what we know now, and some of the above may change. Details of these and other cross-denominational events will be posted throughout the year.

If you see something here your church could host, then please let us know. Thank you.

Together, as the Bride and Body of Christ, seamlessly and purely white-wedding dressed, let us usher in the Kingdom of the King across our borough, transforming filthy water into fresh water into finest wine. In unison. United. One.

“Freedom is indivisible.” John F Kennedy, at the Berlin Wall, 1962