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What are the reasons for mental health related issues?

There are various reasons why an individual may experience mental health related issues. Let me attempt to give you a list from my personal experience.

  1. Psychological trauma from childhood
  2. Social isolation
  3. Undiagnosed learning issues
  4. Prolonged domestic abuse
  5. Prolonged neglect and abuse
  6. Subtle bullying
  7. Lacking sense of identity and belonging
  8. Sense of insecurity
  9. Sense of inadequacy
  10. A case of self-fulfilling prophecy – negative word spoken over an individual particularly from parents/carers
  11. Accused of attention seeking
  12. Confusion and misdirection
  13. Emotional scars from childhood
  14. Prolonged financial bondage
  15. Sense of failure and regret
  16. Blamed for every unpleasant situation
  17. Prolonged unemployment and joblessness
  18. Unrealistic expectations from family
  19. Underlying emotional issues
  20. Spiritual related matters
  21. Low self-esteem and value
  22. Relationship related issues
  23. Location
  24. Prolonged misunderstanding
  25. A case of prolong bitterness and un-forgiveness.
  26. Instability
  27. Broken relationships
  28. Expecting someone to own up for the wrong or offence they may have caused.IYC LOGO JPEG

When an expected apology or remorse is not forthcoming it may leave someone feeling very bitter and broken inwardly – that in its self can easily lead to mental health related issues. Do yourself a favour – develop a forgiving heart and let go. The person(s) that may have offended you one way or the other – may just never admit they have done anything wrong. The person(s) may do everything to cover up there wrong doings. Set yourself free from the hurt of the past and start living a fulfilled life.

Please take a moment to pray for someone you know going through the issues listed above. I have personally experienced some of those issues myself and it is by the grace of God that I am gradually overcoming them.

The God that I know is More Than Able.

Refrain from jumping to conclusions about people just show love and compassion. We can never tell what goes on in the mind of each individual and their experiences of lif