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LONDON, UK, 30TH JUNE 2014 — The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) announced today that a special, new video message from Billy Graham is set to be released for the first time in the UK on 7th November 2014, in celebration of his 96th birthday. It also marks the 60-year anniversary of Harringay Arena in London, which saw Billy Graham share the message of the Gospel to more than 2 million people who attended these evangelistic meetings during its 12-week period.

The programme, called “The Cross,” is being provided to churches and church leaders as a free evangelistic tool as part of the My Hope UK with Billy Graham campaign, which also launched in the country today. My Hope UK puts the focus on partnering with local churches to support them as they influence their communities and present the Gospel in a compelling, personal and clear way to those around them.

The Telegraph newspaper ran an article last week, 25th June, which carried the title, “Why ‘admitting’ you are a Christian at work is so very hard.” Featuring a current survey from the Evangelical Alliance (EA), the article highlighted the challenges that many Christians feel they face if they share their faith in a work environment. The survey from the EA stated that 53 per cent of people thought that they could get into trouble for saying what they believe.

Steve Rhoads, vice president for My Hope UK says, “Evangelism is clearly the hardest activity of the Church, but it’s also the one most closely tied to the health and growth of the local church. We want to come alongside pastors and church leaders across Britain and help them as they equip and encourage their congregations to reach out in love and share their faith. The local church holds a unique position of influence in our communities.”

This November in co-ordination with the launch of Mr Graham’s message of hope, which was filmed from his home in Montreat, North Carolina, churches and individuals who get involved in My Hope UK are being encouraged to pray and reach out to neighbours, family and friends, inviting them to watch “The Cross” together at a local event.

The setting for these viewings will vary and reflect whatever works best for them, whether it’s hosting it in their local church building, home, cinema or community. In addition to this recent message from Mr Graham, “The Cross” will also feature powerful, real-life stories of faith including one from well-known GRAMMY Award winning artist Lecrae.

Steve Rhoads continues, “No matter how an individual or church uses these My Hope UK resources, it begins with prayer. It starts as individuals begin to pray specifically for people they know who need the hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

More information

For more information on My Hope UK, including how the ministry works and tips on how these free resources can be used as a church or individual, please visit You can also get involved in the nationwide ministry this autumn by pre-ordering your copy of “The Cross.”

About My Hope

Beginning in 2002, My Hope has been implemented in 59 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. More than 305,000 churches and 4 million homes have participated, and more than 10 million salvation and rededication decisions for Jesus Christ have been recorded. “The Cross” was first shown in the States last year. My Hope staff have heard reports of churches and individuals using the videos in church services, small groups, local cinemas, prisons, rescue missions and more.

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Your My Hope UK local area coordinator is Tim Harrold. It is his job is to get “The Cross” DVD into as many churches in Thurrock, Essex and Kent as possible. So far, nationally, three entire denominations have signed up to the initiative, with others about to follow. To register your interest in this initative, please contact Tim at or register online at the above links.

My Hope UK was launched to the media on Monday 30 June at Lambeth Palace. Here are some photos taken at the event.