Roy started saying: Acts 2:1. One accord means unanimous having mutual
This is what tonight needs to be
Isaiah – go set a watchman…
15% of young people have a friend who has carried knives.
Gangs coming into the borough are using ” drill rap ” to attract youngsters
We really need to pray for the youth in our borough.
Premier – ‘peace on our streets’
Here in the power of Christ I stand (words from a worship song). Make this as a declaration in the world tonight and let it resound in your body. We are more than conquerors. Declare this to the powers and principalities. God gives His abundance of power to us to change the borough.

Dennis. John 10:1-3. The Watchman opens the door for that man.
Start to cry out to God for this place. Isaiah 62:6. I have set watchmen on the walls. Do not keep silent.
There is such a need amongst the young people. We need to start to be active in this area.
Ask God to release in us the gifts that we need for this purpose.

Kim. He is shining through us and darkness can never put it out. We bring joy and love to the world. We should never be frightened about this or be downtrodden by the enemy. We stand strong – we were born to worship Him..

Roy. We worship in spirit and in truth. Surrender yourself to God and see what He can do in you and in you.

Avril. We compromise ourselves to give God some time in our lives. We need to learn how to spend more time with God, quality time, so that we can recognise His will in our lives.

Dave. Jesus had a trade for thirty years and then it was time for Him to be revealed. Now it is God’s time for us to be revealed. We are little Christ’s and we should be making an impression. We should be out there, where Jesus was, talking to the people, not the church – Jesus offended them with what He did. We have the same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus.

Kim. We need to stamp on the words of the enemy however they come, because the devil has no place here. Kim demonstrates this prophetically by stamping of the Gazette.

Roy. It doesn’t take many Christians praying to make a change. Passion is important.

Jimmy. When Elijah received a new mandate in his ministry, God corrected his thinking. God also wants to correct our mindsets when we pray, we should also give thanksgiving to God for the things He has done in our area. The Drill Rap that the youth are singing is actually a form or prayer but they don’t know who they are praying to.
Jimmy prayed, Lift up your heads oh you gates that the king of glory may come into this area. We need to proclaim the supremacy of God in this borough.

Avril. She heard God saying He was listening to our prayers. Even when we don’t feel His involvement, He is listening.

Dennis. Who’s report do you believe. I choose not to believe the reports that are in the papers or on the television, I believe the report of the Lord. Isaiah 53. Who believes our report, John 1 God gives to those who believe the authority

Roy. When we pray, we have the full authority of heaven. This is my desire, to live and to serve the Lord. Are we wimps or warriors?

Avril. One of the enemy’s ploys is to remind us of our weaknesses and to keep us focused on them. God will use us when we get over this. When we are weak, then we are strong.

Roy. Are you willing to be used? If you are, God will use you. He will equip you to do the job in hand. Pray from authority not from fear, with a passion for change. Pray, enough is enough. Nothing is too difficult for God.