Village Beach 2by Tim Harrold

Southend Metal brought Village Beach to Thurrock on Saturday 18 July 2015.

Billed as an arts festival, the event took place at Grays Beach and replaced the old tired format of T Fest. Stages, tents, beach huts and stalls were set up all across the field down by the river.

There were bands, choirs, soloists, buskers, artists, artisans, performers, acts and interactive installations.

The Thurrock 100 walk of 10 x 10mile walks culminated on the day, with the walkers walking through the crowds flying their flags which had been taken across and around the highways and byways of the borough.

Agencies were represented, like TICC and Big Local.

And there was prayer.

Village Beach 3Transformation Thurrock had a stall and offered spiritual readings and prophetic prayer. From 10am until about 6,30pm, there was a steady stream of interest at the stand.

During the day, around 10 people from local churches were involved in talking to and praying with people. It’s estimated that nearly 40 people were prayed with, and each recieved a word from God according to the picture they picked out from a table top full of images. It’s a simple, effective devise to engage people with the Holy Spirit recently learned during the Firestarter sessions in April, May and June. In every case, the people were told that this is Christian, and that Jesus loves them.

There were some astounding responses, either because what was said and prayed was emotionally appropriate, or accurate in terms of where they were at in their lives.

The team were amazed at how easy it was to communicate with people. By inviting people to have ‘spiritual readings’, they were engaged in a non-churchy way. Of course, some people did turn away, and many walked past, but the majority of those who came over were happy to take a card and to hear what God had to say to them.

This activity was immensely rewarding for those who took part. A few of those who were prayed for are remaining in touch for further conversations. Fires were started at Village Beach 2015!
Village Beach 4
Pictures show:

  • Jan Blakey at the stall at the start of the day
  • Jan with Vera Harrold ministering to a punter
  • Andy Blakey at the Big Local stall

Other Kingdom mission opportunties to get fires started coming up in the next week:

Wednesday 29 July – Big Lunch

Join the Transformation Thurrock team at the Big Lunch community day in Grays Park.
Contact Tim Harrold if you would like to join the team.
see flyer below

Friday 31 July – Fun In The Park

Join the Destiny Chapel team at Fun In The Park at Dilkes Park in South Ockendon.
Contact Frank Gaisie on if you would like to join the team.